The Unanswered Question

I haven’t been following the Christmas Day underwear bomber wannabe story that closely. I’m numb to wingnut hissy fits, lies and fear mongering; it just doesn’t irk me as much as it used to. In short, I’m an irk shirker…

There is, however, a pressing question for the underwear bomber guy that needs to be answered: boxers or briefs?

19 thoughts on “The Unanswered Question

  1. Marc says:

    [Irk shirker. I love it.]


  2. preznit giv me turkee says:

    eh, depends


  3. HK says:

    any doubts as to your commitment are silenced when you put the bomb in your underpants.


  4. outrage broken says:

    the term, of course, is Crotch Rocket.


  5. Jude says:

    You people are just amateurs.
    When searching for the joke here, it’s not the type of underpants where the comedy gold lies; it’s the brand.
    Fruit of the Kaboom.


  6. Snarkworth says:

    Fruit of the Kaboom is awesome, but Fruit of the Boom scans better.


  7. CNN actually published a picture of the undy bomb. It was neither boxers nor briefs. Looked more like Depends.


  8. Jude says:

    Yeah, Snarkworth, you’re right. It’s what I get for trying to make a joke before 5 a.m.
    What I wanted to say was, simply “Fruit of Kaboom.”


  9. Adrastos says:

    Good stuff, folks. I’m enjoying playing straight man.


  10. hoppy says:

    I’m looking forward to my next flight, where I assume we will all be asked to remove our underpants as we go through security?


  11. Elspeth Ravenwind says:

    Yeah, but if you don’t wear any, be careful not to say you are ‘going commando’ – you’ll end up in manacles… 😉


  12. Michael says:

    If it’s not too early to make a joke, you can argue they might have been boxers once, but now they’re definitely briefs.
    Also: saw a clip of cretin Pat Buchanan (but I repeat myself) self-righteously insisting that we torture Abdulmutallab in some way, specifically suggesting he be denied pain medication. My question is: the guy was willing to literally neuter himself — which ought to be a very clear indication he’s a nut, no pun intended. Buchanan thinks he can hurt him any more?


  13. Doc says:

    I’m waiting for them to hand out little paper underpants like those little paper booties they give you when they need you to take your shoes off…


  14. Athenae says:

    Also: saw a clip of cretin Pat Buchanan (but I repeat myself) self-righteously insisting that we torture Abdulmutallab in some way, specifically suggesting he be denied pain medication.
    And why would we do this? Because. Dammit.
    Bucky has a better grasp of logic than Uncle Pat and Bucky eats things he finds on the floor.


  15. Jude says:

    Didn’t Mark Foley eat things he found on the Floor?


  16. liprap says:

    What, no bambooty here? It’s the latest in undie fibers.


  17. pansypoo says:

    i am surprised we don’t have to change into airline clothes for flights. or fly in out underwear.


  18. MapleStreet says:

    Somehow I picture a bureau somewhere. Their job is to come up with the most irksome idea they can make airline passengers abide by.
    The bureau uses every instance of someone arrested as a terrorist to put through their new-found anti-terror weapon. They’re already using this guy to push for the high-tech strip search machines. Next bomber and you’ll have to fly naked.
    BTW – about the high tech visualization machines: Every prisoner knows you can stash things in your underside. Take some C-4 and put it in an acceptable shape. If I can figure that out, why can’t TSA and Al Q?


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