13 thoughts on “‘Fagatoni’

  1. If you use vulgar language and very coarse descriptors to complain about ‘impure’/’unchaste’ things – your complaint is no longer valid.

    I thought the Nazis didn’t like teh gay all that much?
    He might have watched Fiore’s cartoon and taken it for a real instruction manual.

  3. My favorite isthis one: “The fact that ABC allowed a dangerous gay male to perform a gay song with such blatantly gay choreography is vulgar.They should have denied him his rights as a human being…”
    Emphasis mine. The same nutjob also refers to Lady Gaga as a “proper woman”, and I’m having trouble picturing someone who is comfortable both using the phrase “proper woman” and applying it to Lady Gaga.

  4. PS: On another reading, I suppose it could be a parody troll, but… who trolls the FCC?

  5. Umm, on the first one, I think they forgot the state. Rather than Wyoming being the state, it’s likely Wyoming, Michigan, since WZZM is the ABC station in the Grand Rapids area. So, it’s probably the one joker agnostic in the region who would use that sort of language to complain to the FCC. Or, it’s a put-on. πŸ™‚
    I do like the one from the person that wants a sensor ship. I suppose this could be a grammatical error, but, just as likely, he or she wants an AEGIS cruiser to steam up from San Diego and start lobbing missiles at the ABC studios from around Santa Catalina…
    Now, who is Adam Lambert?

  6. wow. the stupid is just breathtaking. Funny, but also very, very scary.

  7. STOP THE MADNESS! Gay people doing gay stuff ON MY TV! Why can’t they just be like that nice Will Truman boy who lived with that woman in sin on their show and chastised that flaming one for his overgay stuff. You know… The other gay… What’s his name? Percy?
    I keep thinking this is a lot like the Kanye beef. No sense that something more important might be going on.
    Good grief…

  8. Why do I always miss the best shows on TV? Someone should alert me that these are coming up.

  9. I think a sensor ship will definitely be needed to ascertain Adam Lambert’s lesbian status.

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