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  1. Wow what do you even say.
    Meanwhile people of true moral values are doing this:
    Texting “Yele” to 501501 to donate $5 to Yele Haiti
    Texting “HAITI” to “90999” to donate $10 to the Red Cross
    It’s an easy way to help and kudos to those who organized this as I bet it will be very effective way to help.
    OK here’s what to say…Pat if you aren’t going to Help then STFU

  2. Robertson never misses an opportunity to blame the victim for some vague transgression against Robertson’s cloud being.
    It’s getting tiresome. I wish someone, anyone, in greater authority would just tell him to put a sock in it.
    These are some of the poorest people in the world, who’ve been made that way by an economic system of which Robertson wholeheartedly approves, and he’s taking a shit on the rubble they’re buried under to make points with the religious fanatics that follow him?
    That’s cold, man.

  3. So God is punishing the Island for a vodoo rite in 1791 (?) but is totally unconcerned about the situation leading up to the Haitian revolt (Wealty white landowners putting successive limits on all other folk; Haiti as a center of the slave trade…)? Not to mention that these events set the stage for a long line of abuses with recent history including Papa Doc, Baby Doc, etc. (and God is unconcerned with these recent abuses also?).
    Mr. Robertson, please go back to your Bible and read where it says (from memory), “The fathers ate bitter fruit so their children’s teeth are set on edge.” Read how the prophet, speaking for God, soundly denied this and said the children were being punished for their own actions. I would have thought you’d know your Bible better than that !
    What I don’t understand is how such a large earthquake occured there as I didn’t know it was a fault zone. But that is a matter of geophysics and not religion.

  4. Actually, the Caribbean and North American plates rub up against one another there. Those Caribbean islands? Volcanic. You get that from crust subduction. Generally, wherever you find volcanoes, you’ll find earthquakes (excepting, of course, hotspot volcanoes like the Hawaiian islands).
    To get back to Pat Robertson, though: Fuck that guy.
    Apparently, his god gets his jollies by kicking poor people in the teeth for the transgressions of a couple of centuries ago. This god character certainly isn’t very efficient or accurate with the smitings, so fuck him too.

  5. Yeah, but before voodoo, they wereheathens.
    That’s one of the problems with this delayed smiting. You’re never sure what it’s for, seeing as how we never get a note or anything.
    I mean, where I sit, a bunch of godless, dirt-worshiping Indians (if Al Swearengen is to be believed) used to roam around and howl at the moon or whatnot. There could be a meteor hurtling toward my officeright now just because those people didn’t listen to the Mormon Jesus (or whatever the fuck stupid story those morons tell). I could be doomed for shit I haven’t even done.
    And don’t get me started about what people are going to have to pay for when I’m gone.
    You people just wouldn’t believe how hard it is to get blood and vomit stains out of the goat costume.

  6. According to the CIA World Fact Book (great iPhone app, BTW), Haiti is 80% Catholic, 16% Protestant, 3% other, and 1% none.
    So to Jude’s point, God sure is behind on his smiting if it is for a 1791 Voodoo pact. Maybe he should look into the Texas death penalty process to speed things along

  7. Puck Fat Robertson…
    I’m just waiting for the ghost of his dead buddy Falwell to show up and jump on his little snake-twirling bandwagon.
    awaiting the day Beelzebub claims his due and drags all these Elmer Gantry’s into the deepest circle of Hades

  8. Actually, jude, we get earthquakes out here in Hawai’i too. In fact, we’ve hadtwenty-one in the last two weeks. None of them have been large, fortunately. The last big one (6.7 on the Richter) was in2006.

  9. Yeah, Linkster, I am aware. Used to live on the gathering place, myself. And I know that the earth done quaketh out there.
    Usually, though, the really devastating quakes come at big plate boundaries.
    Of course, there are occasional intra-plate quakes that are sudden, devastating, and completely fucking unpredictable.
    Sleep well, everyone.

  10. Worse, god is apparently smiting them for something that some fundie wingnuts fucking made up in the firt place. Haiti had to take out a bunch of high interest loans to BUY their freedom from France essentially. it took them so long to pay it back that 10 years after they got done paying those loans off, the Duvaliers took over and took out whole new set of loans to underwrite their corruption. 26 years after the Duvaliers were overthrown, Haiti is still trying to pay off Papa and Baby Doc’s outstanding debts to the US and various European govts. If there were any devils with whom Haiti struck a deal, one of them was US. As a seminary school drop-out, it it my fondest hope and prayer that while he is on television, Robertson should choke on his own tongue

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