Meanwhile In The U.K.

It’s been ignored by the American MSM but there’s aserious investigation going on about British entry into the Iraq War. Tony Blair is, quite rightly, taking it in his dimpled chin. The latest shoe to drop involves the contents of a privateletter to the Prime Minister from his Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw:

Jack Straw privately warned Tony Blair that an invasion ofIraq
was legally dubious, questioned what such action would achieve, and
challenged US claims about the threat from Saddam Hussein, it was
revealed today .

Straw, foreign secretary at the time, gave what
now seems prophetic advice in a letter marked “secret and personal”, 10
days before Blair met George Bush at the US president’s ranch in
Crawford, Texas, in April 2002. That was nearly a year before the

In his letter, about which he is expected to be
questioned when he testifies at the Chilcot inquiry this week, Straw
warned Blair, then prime minister: “The rewards from your visit to
Crawford will be few … there is at present no majority inside the PLP
[parliamentary Labour party] for any military action against Iraq.”

warned of two legal “elephant traps”. He said, “regime change per se is
no justification for military action”, and “the weight of legal advice
here is that a fresh [UN] mandate may well be required.”


If only Mr. Straw had followed the example of his predecessor, Robin Cook, and resigned from the Cabinet in protest instead of enabling Bush and Blair’s mad dash to war. (Cook resigned as leader of the House of Commons in opposition to the war.)

Straw’s assessment of the situation was spot on but his judgment about staying in office was errant. British pols resign from the government all the time over policy disputes and/or matters of principle. If only some of our pols would do likewise. Paging Colin Powell…

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  1. The lack of any serious investigation or even genuine angry reaction here in the US to the lie that was/is the Iraq war is VERY troubling, to say the least.

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