Hearing About It

You knew it was coming:

I’ve read a number of opinion pieces and comments slamming the
relief efforts underway for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti and
I have to respectfully disagree with their viewpoints.

The basis of their argument is that there are enough needs here in
America…why should we help some foreign country? Why should we divert
funds, rations, and supplies to a small nation in the midst of their
tragedy when we have daily tragedy happening right here at home?

Well, and I would almost be okay with this argument if the people making it weren’t the same smug assfucks who when asked to read a newspaper story about an American homeless drug addict call up the newspaper and bitch that any attention to the poor and downtrodden simply glorifies their state and what we should do is shame them harder and yell at them to get jobs while we kick back in our recliners and eat Wheat Thins and spray cheese.

Jesus tits. I cannot stand the argument that we shouldn’t participate any foreign aid efforts because we have problems here at home, becausewe never do then turn around and solve the problems here at home, do we? We never do send theUSS Carl Vinson to Detroit. We never do airlift food and water to Englewood. We never do organize the entire country to raise funds for South Central LA. No, we fucking hostGANGLAND TOURS so people can gawk and go home. We bitch all day long that some people in New Orleans have big screen TVs so therefore nobody deserved help after Katrina. And we can always find a cousin of a friend of a cousin’s friend to tell a story about giving a guy five bucks to buy food and watching that guy go buy a 40 of malt liquor, so really, what’s the point of doing anything?

It’s just a fucking dodge, just one more way to get out of your responsibilities as a human being, just one more way to say, I’m right to be a selfish cockhole who doesn’t give a damn about anything. And I for one have fucking had it. Don’t come around and say we have problems here at home. We fucking KNOW we have problems here at home. Americans have been trying to solve them for decades while those of you who don’t want to hear about anybody’s misfortune but your own mouth about welfare cheats and the inevitability of any charity effort to get taken for a ride. If you’re gonna say the attention and money needs to be directed here at home, then DIRECT IT HERE AT HOME. Quit fighting efforts to give everybody health care and screaming about death panels. Quit demandng lower taxes that won’t pay for the cops you need to patrol your streets, for the community policing programs that actually work but are the first things to get chopped when the state cuts off funding. Quit thwarting every attempt to feed the hungry with lists of forms for the hungry to fill out to PROVE that their stomachs are growling.

But no. That would be hard. Easier to watch CNN intently for reasons not to give a fuck. So here we go already, with thecomments about looting:

When you try to help someone, all you get is criticism. I say, pull out
US and let them fend for themselves. No good deed ever goes unpunished.
Just ship them tons of birth control.

Yes. Because you know how they like to fuck in those Third World countries. Breeding like rabbits, that’s their problem. Let them fend for themselves. Good God.



9 thoughts on “Hearing About It

  1. Just ship them tons of birth control.
    We’d love, to, honestly–we’ve tried. It seems that certain hard-ass religious groups oppose the whole concept of birth control and sabotage any attempt to introduce family planning techniques to less-developed nations (not to mention teenagers here in America, single adults, married adults–pretty much anyone who needs it, really).
    It’s so weird that a few extremists would have so much influence over foreign policy and domestic policy–now why do you suppose that might be, mr. smarty-pants?
    Because you know how they like to fuck in those Third World countries. Breeding like rabbits, that’s their problem.
    To be fair, Athenae, we like to fuck in these first and second world countries, too, we just don’t have as many issues with the whole “rabbit hutch” problem–or at least for now, we don’t. Once those extremist religious groups I mentioned above get their way, the developed world will lose one major source of smug superiority.
    There’s a whole lot of overlap in the “poor people don’t deserve help” groups and the “just close your legs” factions. It all kind of coalesces into a “nobody outside my tribe deserves any pleasure” mentality. And once birth control enters the picture, fucking can produce a whole lot pleasure with very little investment.

  2. indeed. it would be nice if we could stimulate by fixing up the ghetto to livable. but the ones bitching think tax cuts are the only answer.

  3. I keep coming back to wondering just how we got to this point, where so many people who barely earn enough to live on, insist that we must have tax cuts. So many middle class people who barely get by with both spouses working and who pay lower taxes than their parents ever did, still insist on tax cuts. They never seem to catch on to the fact that all of those tax cuts benefited primarily the very high earners, and the wealthy who “earn” their money by investing.
    Who ever sold that bill of goods, about how we poor folks are just overtaxed, should be hired by all corporations to design their sales campaigns. Talk about selling freezers to Eskimos in Alaska, how about selling cutting the taxes for the wealthy to middle class people?
    Yes, this is a bit off subject, but it is so symtomatic of the whole array of problems that keep us from progressing to catch up with the barely developed countries in the world.

  4. I don’t know a thing about Steve Chapman, butthis column in today’s Trib is a gigantic piece of shit. Aristide didn’t resign and flee the country – he was kidnapped by the Bush Administration forrefusing to step down upon their demand and currently has no passport so he can’t leave South Africa.  His crime? Trying to help the poor black people of Haiti. In a nutshell, the reason why Haitians have suffered so much is because they had the audacity to beat the great French army of Napolean – the only blacks in history to have won their independence militarily.
    The media is perpetuating the false notion that Haiti’s problems are self-inflicted and the fact that George W. Bush cut off all U.S. foreign aid to the country from 2000 to 2004 is ignored.
    /end rant

  5. Ah, the enduring gullibility of those who pete and repeat the lower taxes equals more better society BS. European style pinkoism is a very good thing, knuckle scuffers. If an economic juggernaut like the Etats Unis had proper health care and cheap education, the sky would be the limit. You guys actually could pull it off, and by that I mean change the world for the better. Good old American know-how might someday mean something again, rather than just be a sad reflection of your youth. I still have faith in you guys.

  6. And how many of those decrying government spending on disaster aid had no problem with the Bush admin spending Trillions of Dollars invading a country that was no threat to us? But of course now that we have a Democrat in the white house money spent in trying to ease ourselves out of that mess is a crime against democracy.

  7. But, FeralLiberal–we all know that foreign aid comes out of tax dollars paid by Real Hardworking Americans, whereas defense spending justhappens. After all, unspeakable consequences might possibly ensue if we accounted for only 25 or 30 percent of the world’s military spending, rather than the current 40%.

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