Weekend Question Thread: Unpopular Opinions

Tell me something you love that everyone else hates, or something you hate that everyone else loves.

My local problem is that I’m bored by architecture. We’re nuts for architecture here in Chicago. There are tours and symposiums and books and books and books and everybody knows things about it. People spend hours talking about it. I do not give a damn, which is heresy. I see a building, think it’s neat maybe, but I’ve never really felt the need to add architecture to the list of things I’m a nerd about. I’m not hostile to the profession, but it’s not my hobby, either. Meh.


30 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread: Unpopular Opinions

  1. Shit. Where do I start?
    I guess first and foremost would be magical thinking–priests, faith healers, astrologers, Scientologists, the alternative medicine assholes–we need to get rid of the lot of them.
    Those goddamn “Coexist” bumper stickers. Knock it the fuck off.
    Children. Holy balls, I can’t stand the noisy little shit machines.
    Also, for some reason, I’ve never liked yogurt. I’ve tried it many times; I know it’s good for you. I just don’t like it.
    I could go on, but I have to get to work today.

  2. Facebook and twitter and all that social networking stuff. I know, makes me old, but I have absolutely no interest in it and no intention of going anywhere near it. Whole thing seems like a huge waste of time

  3. Oh, as for things that I like that I shouldn’t – while I don’t smoke, people who do don’t bother me at all.

  4. i’m also in chicago. architecture is ok, but i loathe, loathe, loathe everything about the cubs and their fans (i won’t even wear that color blue!).
    ironically, i live 4 blocks from wrigley.

  5. I think the Pontiac Aztec looks great, I don’t care what anyone says. The Mini Cooper looks like a prank.
    Musically I love Rush, and in a non-ironic way. The Doors are the biggest con job of the last 50 years, and anyone who likes them is an idiot.
    In tech, Twitter brings out my inner crusty old fart. Unless you are the second coming of Oscar Wilde or Dorothy Parker there is nothing you can express in less than 141 characters that is not self-indulgent crap. On the flip side, I’ve been running Vista for over a year and like it a lot. I don’t get the hate, unless its rocky start doomed it in the public imagination. (And please people, you don’t buy the first generation of anything unless you’re an insufferable hipster. Wait for the first service pack on an OS, the first firmware upgrade on cell phones, etc. This is not difficult.)

  6. pro sports.
    The money those franchises spend on teams and the money consumers spend on consuming, for one year,could save Haiti AND rebuild Nola. More than once.

  7. Texting – clearly handed to us by the Devil, as a means of totally ending all social discourse, killing off many of our drivers, and most likely aimed primarily at driving me totally out of my mind. Where are the exorcists when I need the?

  8. Religions–all of them–and their despicable fanatics; but I reserve my deepest disgust for the American Taliban. Yeah, you, Pat Robertson, and all the rest of your ilk, along with your moronic believers. Just STFU, get your sorry asses raptured, and leave us normal people the hell alone.

  9. my hate list could go on, but what jude said. i don’t WANT to coexist with teabaggers and the stupids. and a pox on twitting and texting. and facebook. REALITEE TEEVEE.
    hmm, what do i love other people hate…going barefoot? my family hates that.

  10. New Age music. I think it’s great music to write to. My kids really give me a hard time. “Three chords and a synthesizer, Dad; BFD,” they say.
    And then there’s food. Head cheese! Pickled tongue! My wife refuses to touch any of it, even when its wrapped in plastic. Which, of course, means it’s MINE; all MINE!

  11. While this is certainly true in the geography-specific sense of where I live, I think it’s largely true for a good part of the country–no one is for slashing military spending, and I am. Even (especially) those people who bitch and complain about taxes (and, by that, they usually mean income taxes) don’t know and won’t accept that 80% of their tax money is going to the combined national security apparatus and to interest on the debt related to it.
    Almost every one of our major ills can be traced back to–post-1947–the armed madhouse we’ve become, as Greg Palast would say, and it either stops, or it eventually destroys us.

  12. Social networking–If I want to talk to you I’ll fucking call you.
    People who pay attention to their Steam friends (steam is a gaming service run by Valve Software)–I don’t need a bunch of chat requests and game invites when I start steam OK? I just want to play Call of Duty assholes.
    Kids–Fuck those motherfuckers
    Some environmentalists (though I largely agree with them)–I can practically feel your smug disapproval…yes I drive an SUV, yes I eat copious amounts of meat, and yes I know there are some things about my lifestyle I should change, but jesus…I don’t care about organic this or that, or humane farming (this is really bad since my wife’s folks raise that kind of beef). I recycle and try not to run the utilities high. So back the fuck up before I punch you in the throat.
    I kind of have a thing against hippies–I agree with the ideals, but I guess growing up raised by ex-hippies in an area with a lot of ex-hippies, the idealism really bothers me sometimes.
    So, yeah…

  13. Talk radio hosts. Loved by millions. Hated by me.
    American Idol type singing. Hate it. However I love show tunes. Glee!
    A see a lot of hate for social networking. What I hate is the constant “how can I sell people shit?” That is what I expect from every thing that was created to help people connect. Mail = junk mail. email = spam. Social networks Twitter spam

  14. Oh, and I’m also a big Amy Grant fan. Which is also a huge guilty pleasure because she’s not only a big Republican but also a far more conservative Christian than I am. But I’ve interviewed her many times and she’s actually a really cool person, and I dig me some “Baby Baby.”
    So … guess that makes me a huge geek. I hate myself enough already. So please don’t hate me.

  15. Always liked the Monkees. I know they were ersatz Beatles who tried to break out of it and failed. Still like ’em.
    Never liked cheese, or milk, or oysters. Definitely not all three together 8-P.
    Only just got a converter box. Really haven’t missed all the basic teevee we didn’t have for nearly a year. Probably still won’t turn it on much. What is this “Glee” of which you speak? 😉

  16. I like corn smut.
    My apathy for Pro Sports Teams would probably change if our town actually got a benefit from them winning – win the World Series or the Super Bowl = tax rebates for all citizens the team “represents.” Sure I’ll root root root. Otherwise, I’ll save my attention for the weather and stuff that Makes a difference…

  17. …I love NASCAR. I love all forms of motorsports, actually, but I truly love NASCAR: the Sprint Cup, the Nationwide Series, the Trucks. Not the wrecks, but the racing itself. I don’t talk about it much because people act like I’m raving about lawn mower racing…
    I hate hate hate those Top 10 random iPod lists. First of all, I don’t own an iPod, mostly because Sandisk makes a more convenient and flexible product for a substantially lower price. Second of all, I earned part of my college money working as a DJ in a couple of microscopically small-market radio stations and , back in the day, had an encyclopedic knowledge of songs and performers. I have, however, long since fallen into an abyss of music mediocrity such that I look at these lists and realize I can’t tell which is the song title and which is the artist and it makes me feel so damned old and out of touch…
    Doesn’t anybody listen to Robert Cray anymore?

  18. I love reading the Bible without being told what it “has” to mean by conservatives of all stripes who would prefer that I just believe what they tell me. God bless the Reformation and lectio divina.
    I loathe being told the world is only 6000 years old, or that I can’t be a thinker–or a scientist–if I also believe in God, or that we are one nation under God. Or that intelligent design is anything other than a backdoor way to magical thinking.
    It goes without saying I utterly despise Pat Robertson, Rick Warren, Dominionists, and all their ilk.

  19. Wanna hear an un-popular opinion? How bout: maybe Scott Brown winning MA would be a good thing. On one hand it would force Harry Reid to think about eliminating the fillibuster; on the other hand it might wake up some of those sleepy Democratic strategists whose “idea” is to promote centrist and bipartisan candidates. One more spineless Democrat (i.e. Coakley) hardly seems all that valuable. So if we bring on the crazy maybe it will accelerate the eventual return to a system with a government of, for, by, etc…

  20. what gets the steam bursting from my hidden vents are folks who litter. i am always amazed at this total act of unconsciousness, especially when its the live “butts” flying from cars during extreme fire danger.

  21. I am sick of the “Choose Civility” bumperstickers everyone from Columbia, MD seems to have these days

  22. Jesus fish. Have you ever noticed that the people with Jesus fish stuck to their cars are horrible drivers? And those magnetic ribbons are just sideways Jesus fish.

  23. I’m a Yes fan. That should tie it all up in a blue ribbon.
    And I have texting disabled on my phone service.
    I’m an IT/BES server Tech by trade, so I’m no Luddite. I can just tell the difference between a good idea and a bad one. I also seem to be able to make it from work to home without needing to email anybody.

  24. Wow, Tommy, I’m a Yes fan and Tull as well. I continue to be Denny to your Alan.
    On to my topper: everyone in NOLA seems to be nuts for brass bands and I don’t care for them. Some of them are okay but most are shrill with lyrics about partying. I’m your basic guitar, drums, bass, keys kinda guy.

  25. I love salted licorice. Dutch, English, Scandinavian, I don’t care. I’d practically walk across broken glass to get some, if the mood was on me. (It may well be; I think I’m gonna have to make a field trip to the Dutch deli in the market!)
    I also love Stephen King books and okra, and I don’t care who knows it. I’m having okra in my jambalaya tonight, and a side of collards.
    I hate people who name their kids asinine things like Tucker, Taylor, Fisher, and McKenzie, especially if the Tuckers, Taylors, Fishers, and McKenzies in question are little girls. I also hate the names Dustin, Tyler, Brittany, Tiffany, and Jordan. At least two of those are placenames, people. I hope I never meet a kid named “Dubai.” Knowing my luck, I will, and she’ll have pigtails.
    I hate country music — it’s depressing, and is way whinier than grunge ever eventhought of being. It’s music for people whose lives suck but who don’t have the good sense to get pissed off about it.
    I also hate all those whacked-out rock bands from the late ’60s and early ’70s like Pink Floyd and the Grateful Dead. They all sound to me like a yard of pretension and a milimetre of musical education.

  26. I’m an IT guy too, but I am almost a Luddite. No cell phone, no texting, no twitting, I ain’t got time for that now…When I’m in my vehicle it’s tunes time, I don’t want to be constantly “connected”.
    Pro sports? Meh
    But get me going on birding, gardening, cooking or wine and you’ll have trouble shutting me up.
    And I too still enjoy Yes and Tull.

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