Saintsmania Update: Men In Frocks

Saintsmania has reached new heights now that the team formerly known as the Aints will be hosting the NFC Championship game against the Minnesota Vikings. The front page of the Monday Picayune even featured a picture of Brett Favre labeledPublic Enemy No. One. It’s getting heated, folks. I expect all the cheeseheads out there to root for the Saints against their former hero and currentbete noir. Besides, y’all “like” the Vikings as much as we “like” the Atlanta Falcons aka, the Dirty Birds.

It’s also getting mighty weird in NOLA. No, make that weirder. The late sportscaster and NOLA character, Buddy Dilliberto promised to “wear a dress and walk down Bourbon Street” if the Saints ever made the Super Bowl. Here’s a rendition of Buddy D in a frock byNOLA artist, Robert Guthrie:

Buddy D dress
Buddy D’s disciples, who are numerous in the parts, are planning to keep the late sportscaster’s promise should the Saints kick some serious Brett butt on Sunday. There is, inevitably a Facebook group, calledWearing a dress when the Saints make it to the Super Bowl. My Saintsmaniac friends have various plans. One is bringing a dress to the Superdome on Sunday and plans to leave the stadium wearing it. Another group plans to don frocks and ride bikes from Buddy D’s tomb to the Dome on the Sunday before the Super Bowl. I’m demanding pictures and will post them here.

Finally, a NOLA musician, Jep Epstein, wrote a tune in 2007 in anticipation of the Saints beating the Bears and making the Super Bowl that year. It didn’t happen but the tune is still relevant and it features-you guessed it-a reference to Buddy D and his dress:

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UPDATE: One of Buddy D’s disciples has posted about his plans. I’m shuddering.

18 thoughts on “Saintsmania Update: Men In Frocks

  1. Times like this I wish Holden was still around so his frilly dress could come in handy after all.
    Damn, in Internet years I am ancient.
    Anyway, please kick Brett Favre’s whiny ass back into last week, Saints. Because if I have to listen to one more week of every sportscaster in the country finding new ways to call him The Greatest Ever and talk about everything but how his buttocks are still firm and high at his advanced age, I really will start taking hostages.

  2. To take a cue from Tommy Lee Jones in Space Cowboys, Athenae, I fully expect the Saints to kick Favre’s “asymmetrical saggin’ ass”. More on a Saints, Vikes comparison here:
    Hey if it could happen to Warner (as Clay Travis said in a tweet, he got hit so hard on Saturday he now believes in evolution), it could happen to Sir Brett.

  3. this cheesehead is rooting for teh ickings. favre got the packers their longed for super bowls. let him get one for the ickings. and he is from teh south.

  4. I’m wearing my Reggie Bush jersey this week. Please kick Favre/Vikings ass.
    GO SAINTS!!!!!!!

  5. As a Cowboys fan, lemme just say one thing:
    Ok, two things. Well, three.

  6. I’m ready to do this this right now today.
    All the Cheeseheads here also should understand that Saints fans (particularly Saints fans around my age) are holding enormous grudges against the Vikings.
    In January of 1988 they ruined our first ever playoff appearance by drubbing us 44-10 in the Superdome. I was there that day. It still hurts. In enduing seasons the Jim Mora’s competitive Saints teams suffered a series of demoralizing regular season blowout losses to Minnesota. I learned to hate them.
    Again in 2000, Jim Haslett’s suddenly resurgent Saints were blown out by Minnesota in the divisional round. The Saints would not return to the playoffs for 6 years.
    Last year the Saints and Vikings played anepic Monday Night game which sort of encapsulated the exciting-but-not-quite-over-the-hump 2008 Saints season. (You don’t have to click the link. It’s just me droning on about football)
    The point is we owe these people. We will be ready. We got this.
    Oh but just in case, I’m working on another altar. The one we made last week seemed to work pretty well.

  7. I’m pulling for the Saints because they have a fleur-de-lis on their uniform and New Orleans needs something good for once. I do like calling the “Vikings” the “Ickings,” though. Hadn’t heard that one before.

  8. There are also folks like Scout and Athenae who are disillusioned Favre fans because he became such a malaka at the end of his career.

  9. I’ve got my dress. I’m a size 14 or 16. The dress is as gaudy as can be.
    Things you never thought you’d need to know…

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