Bible-Themed Gun Sights Will Fix Everything!

Just write some Bible verses on the gun sights! That’ll win the war!

You know, I don’t have a problem with this shit just because it’s religious overreaching, actually, or inappropriate or against regulations or even that it’s deeply uncool. I have a problem with it because it’sineffective. There’s a surprising amount of Teh Jesus I’d be willing to put up with on consumer goods and in breakfast cereal and even in the courthouse if anybody could show me there was an ounce of a tradeoff worth decimating our civil liberties with crap like this.

What does this DO, exactly? Does the gun sight work better once it’s been blessed? Has no one holding one of these ever been shot? Has looking at the Bible verse helped the sniper aim better? So far nobody’s been able to define what value this adds to the product and that’s a problem for me, because if you’re going to be offensive, you should try to be useful.

All these things — the War on Christmas, the crucifix nail necklaces, the “don’t let the car fool you, my treasure is in heaven” bumper sticker industry in general — just smack of posturing to make the production managers feel better, like they’re witnessing or something through this shit. And if you could point me, maybe, to even the smallest bit of difference being made by stuff like this, I might be less inclined to call it showing off. And no, “what’s the harm” doesn’t answer my question. What’s the good?


16 thoughts on “Bible-Themed Gun Sights Will Fix Everything!

  1. I briefly browsed the comments at the ABC site and while there was a lot of frothing about “This country was founded on Christianity” and “In God We Trust” there was little mention on how “Christian” it is to put bible references on a device that has the express purpose of making it easier to kill another human being.
    They must be praying toLock n Load Jesus.

  2. Jesus on a Bagel, religious nuttery will eventually destroy mankind. When 2000-year-old bad prose and fables can cause modern humans to hate and kill each other, we have gone too far. It’s time to keep religion in churches on Saturdays or Sundays where it belongs and act like decent, caring humans the rest of the time. I don’t give a care about which sky wizard people care to delude themselves with. Whatever. Just keep it to yourself, and keep it off taxpayer-funded products. Of all the stupid crap these nuts come up with, this is notable.

  3. Not all religions are in churches, and not all are focussed on a weekend day, but thanks.

  4. The smug contempt that “christians” hold the rest of the world in may explain this ridiculous practice. I could have read those “serial numbers” every day for 100 years and never once would it have occurred to me that I was reading “bible verses”. That’s like trying to convert me by “speaking in tongues”. Or, like trying to convert Islamic nations by preaching in coded English. Hmmm, is that what this is? If it is a hidden IQ test, that corporation failed the test.

  5. It’s not that religion is causing people to kill others here–it is, as Ms. A notes, that this is completely fucking stupid.
    Do you really think that the person trying to pull off a head shot really cares, or is inspired by, a tiny reference to a Bible verse? That’s fucking ludicrous. Life isn’t all Private Jackson quoting Psalms while blowing away Nazis. (Which, by the way, does make for a badass movie scene, and those verses would make a lot more sense in the scope. Just sayin’.) And even if it was, that’s individual action.
    I can’t even compare this to, say, the Blessing of the Fleet, which clearly has no effect on a shrimper’s haul, but at least is a community event that increases social ties and blah de blah sociology blah. This is more like that dickhole Tim Tebow writing scripture references on his eye-black. Totally ineffective for anything.
    This shit is just useless.

  6. Ido care, and “What’s the harm?”is a relevant question to me. Every food wrapper that preaches Christianity at me, every tract left on the bus, every ostentatious public Christmas decoration display, every unctuous bumper sticker, reminds me that I’m not really part of this culture, and that lots of people would really rather I didn’t exist. Which makes me a little bit antisocial, because if it came down to either me not existing, or them not existing, I’d push the button to disappear them tomorrow. (And every frustrated secularist in the entire damn country would breathe a massive sigh of relief.)
    We already know that non-Christian and non-religious people often feel tremendously alienated in the US armed forces because of all the evangelical Holy Warriors for Jebus cluttering up the place; I’m not sure that’s really entirely healthy.
    Not only that, but itdoesn’t do any good, except for make smug Christers even smugger, and we could use less of anything that does that.

  7. Ah, well, we can always hope that Jeebus arranges sort of a mini-Rapture, where all the true believers (military included) fly out of their clothes, rise up to heaven… and then they all get deposited back on earth… on an ice sheet in Greenland.
    No clothes, no credit cards, no pickups, no guns. Just them and 46 million tea bags.
    And then a soft voice echoes across the earth… “just continue what you were doing.”

  8. I can’t find the clip on You Tube, but this reminds me of scene in Dogma where Silent Bob kills Azeriel with the blessed golf club. Sometimes, prayer works. Not so much here, I would imagine.
    When I was a kid, there was the fear the subliminal messages in Judas Priest caused kids to kill themselves. There’s a Billy Ripken baseball card with the words “Fuck Face” written on the knob of the bat. The 1972 Billy Martin card has him flipping off the photographer surreptitiously. The Beastie Boys “License to Ill” album has the words “Eat Me” written across the tail fin of the plane. I’m sure there are hundreds of other examples of this as well.
    My point is, if not for the religious angle on this, no one would give a shit. Much like these other instances, it will be a big deal for a few days and then it will likely go away. I doubt the contract will be revoked and if it is, who cares?
    Anyone who has faith in a higher power is likely to understand that this is a mega-stupid thing. My belief in Christ doesn’t make me think that by placing bible verses on the scope of a rifle that a) it will shoot better or that b) Jesus WANTS me out there SHOOTING PEOPLE with this thing. In fact, I think just the opposite. That being said, I hate the argument that since someone Christian did this, ALL Christians are alienating people who don’t believe, that belief in Christ is in some way infringing upon rights and more.
    I get it. When you’re in the majority of something or other, you’re going to get shots your way and it’s cool. It’s why those “White people versus black people” routines by sub-par comics trying to do pale imitations of Richard Pryor get the laughs. That said, I am not a Tea Bag. I am not a Rapture freak. I am not telling you that you’re going to hell because you believe in something other than the 100 percent USDA Prime Jesus that I pray to. I’m not out on Saturday morning ringing doorbells and trying to baptize you when you answer the door.
    I believe freedom of religion (or freedom from it) is everyone’s right to do what they dig. There are more people like me who happen to have a belief in Christ than those who don’t.
    Stop doing to us what you don’t want those other people to do to you.

  9. Doc, If the real Christians were to speak up loudly, condemning this stupidity, perhaps even noting that coded sets of letters and numbers do not constitute a Bible verse, let alone have the slightest influence on anyone, then I would be firmly on your side on this. Has this happened?

  10. Doc’s on it.
    Real ones do, by the way, hoppy, and march against war, too.

  11. Excuse this Christian while I engrave John 11:35* on my computer.
    *If you didn’t have a Bible handy, the text is “Jesus wept.”

  12. Doc, get your “some Christians” to stop acting like non believers infringe upon their right to believe, making them the victim and some kind of oppressed majority, and your argument might get some traction with me. In the meantime, the public face of your religion is this kind of shit and its getting worse, not better. Instead of telling those of us who don’t believe to sit down and shut up cuz it’s not all of you, so that’s just not fair of us to think it is, maybe you should tell the ones making you look bad to knock it off.

  13. Sorry, leinie, but that’s partially a bullshit response. I never said everyone should stop picking on Christians. Hell, I pick on them when they are the nutjob folks who decide to stencil bible verses on their guns. Nuts are nuts whether they worship Jesus or whether they worship nuts. You can be as loud as you want in my book against nuts, but there are plenty of us standing far enough away from them that you can do what you want without painting us all with the same brush. You’ve just got to try.
    As for telling people that I should tell those others that they’re making me look bad, OK, but would you say, “Hey, Jimmy, you need to go tell those other black folk to calm themselves down a bit and stop doing XYZ. They’re making you “normal” blacks look bad.” Or would you say, “Good gravy, Sue, you need to tell those women who are doing XYZ to knock it off. I like you “good” women, but man, you need to bring them others in line.” Of course not. However, when you hit the majority, it’s apparently fine.
    I’m not a fucking Christian traffic cop. Let someone else handle that job. If I choose to speak out or not speak out, that’s my choice on ANY issue. Just as it is yours. However, making all of us responsible for some of us is a piss-poor rationale for feeling free to rip on all of us.

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