It Wasn’t Like Falling Off the Edge of the Earth…


Sure, losing what you assume is a safe Senate seat sucks, but thereaction of some Tuesday night and yesterday made me, well, embarrassed to be a progressive.

Now that reality’s hopefully set in, maybe the Dems can grow up and move on.

Oh, this too. And…no, maybe it’s not “nice,” but part of me wishes that a few good sized union folks would go beat the shit out of James DeMint. He deserves it.

3 thoughts on “It Wasn’t Like Falling Off the Edge of the Earth…

  1. Yeah, when I heard Southers’ pussy-ass remarks on the radio yesterday while driving home, I almost ran my car into a building just to release the stress.
    Oh, waiting for the nomination process has been hard on your family, has it? You fucking tool.
    Checkthis motherfucker out. He ain’t starving. He’s got two jobs already, and them bitches paywell.
    How do you think life is for the TSA workers’ families, who have to get by on non-union wages (which aren’t necessarily shitty, but have a higher chance of being so than union wages) and benefits (ditto)?
    It’s true that Jim DeMint is a motherfucker; however, as the Rude Pundit would say, you shouldn’t be surprised when he fucks your mother (or your nominee), because that’s what motherfuckers do. It’s right there in the name.
    Errol Southers, though, is a fucking pussy. And, as Ms. A would say, people will not support you if you are a pussy. It just won’t happen. We’re fucking apes, and fucking apes have hierarchical structures to their groups. You don’t get to be the alpha ape by bowing and scraping. I’m not saying that you have to be a complete dick, but nobody, ape or human, ever respects the pussy who rolls over and says “please stop being mean to me.” You might pity that person, but you won’t ever follow him or her.
    Yes, I’m aware that lots of feminists will object to my use of the word “pussy.” Sometimes, though, you’ve just gotta go withle mot juste.
    So, while it’d be nice to see some IBEW people hook Jim DeMint up to a 115-volt live wire, the police and firefighters and EVERY FUCKING OTHER UNIONIZED WORKER EVER should go to Errol Southers and kick him straight in the dick. I’d bet he wouldn’t even try to stop them. You can hate Jim DeMint for being a bastard, but there is such a thing as aMagnificent Bastard. There ain’t no similar category for a pussy.

  2. I have no sympathy for Southers…agree with you that we’re apes, or, as the saying goes, still have (at least) one hand in the tree.
    Especially after watching the election returns in Massachusetts, but certainly while reading/watching news about health care reform, I kept thinking about how solicitous Obama and Senate Leadership were and are towards Joe Lieberman, who was so obviously preparing to stab them in the back that “pathetic” might be giving them too much credit. Shit–no pun intended–but Lieberman’s job within the Democratic caucus, if he chose to remain, should be scrubbing toilets with a toothbrush.
    It’s all fine and good to be “above the fray,” and Obama himself should be insulated from the realities (so he can be “presidential”) but I thought Rahm Emanuel was supposed to be some sort of pit bull. He’s more like the mini dinosaurs on whatever tv ad that was, desperately trying to look intimidating, but more like an annoying housefly.
    The Democratic Party needs to learn how to punish their enemies…no wait, they actually first need to learn how to IDENTIFY them. Lieberman is an enemy. Make the son of a bitch howl. Same with Jim DeMint–he puts a hold on a nominee? Fine: put a hold on funding his office(s). Hell, put a hold on any federal funds going to South Carolina. Say that you’re going to close the military bases, that you’re going to stop any and all revenue sharing, etc. If the SCOTUS says it’s unconstitutional, tell them they can enforce their decision.
    It might not be pleasant, but it would be effective, particularly against the other side, which likes to pretend that politics is a war. OK…let the fighting begin, because I get the feeling that, deep down, wingnuts are wimps. After all, we already know they’re chickenhawks.

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