Jesus, these fucking people. This is one of those days I wish I’d started writing about soap, or cereal, or anything but what fucking matters, because these fucking people do not get that it matters and watching them aggressively not figure it out is going to give me a stroke. Jesus Christ in a coconut-scented bubble bath, I hereby apologize for every action I’ve ever asked you to take, because if I’d known someday it would lead to us being THIS, I … fuck it, I still would have asked, but … GAH, you know?

Doc once told me a story, about two guys walking down a road coming upon a wall. And one guy says, well, that’s it, wall’s here, guess we should turn around and go home. Can’t go this way. Lookit the wall. Big wall. Guess we’re not meant to keep going. At least we can say we tried, but hey, nothing you can do when there’s a wall in your way.

And the other one whips out his, like, slide rule or protractor or whatever, and starts measuring the wall. How high is it? How wide? How thick? What’s it made of? Can it be knocked down? Can we tunnel under it? Go around it, even if it takes an extra day? Do we have or can we get anything to make a hole in it? What if we recruit more people, can they help us figure this out? Who can we call who knows things about walls? Is there a book about walls that will give us some answers? Maybe there’s a company that knocks down walls for a living, and we can find it? Here, hold the end of my tape measure. I want to see how big this thing is.

He’s measuring the wall because there’s got to be a way to get where we’re going. There’s got to be a way to do what needs to be done. There’s got to be a way to avoid giving up because giving up is the worst thing you can do. There’s got to be a way to figure this out. And if I hadn’t seen it work so many times, I’d never tell you that impossible is bullshit, that there’s onlyreally fucking hard and I don’ wanna, or getting over yourself, pulling out the geiger counter, and doing the work needs to be done.

He’s measuring the wall because IT’S NOT GODDAMN FUCKING OVER, because it’s more important that we get where we’re going than that we have a really good reason for going home.

I do not know what to say today to a group of people who do not know the difference between the guy ambling off back to his recliner and his Cheez-Its, and the guy measuring the wall.


9 thoughts on “RAAAAAAGE

  1. Yeah.
    Saying “I tried” when all you did was attempt to appease the insurance industry and make things palatable to the Republicans (who said from day one that they weren’t going to vote for anything you did anyway) doesn’t cut it.
    You fuckers didn’t try.
    And, really, why should you? It’s not like your lives will ever be materially affected by the decisions you do or don’t make. You’ll never worry about not being able to pay a bill for anything–not just medical shit, but anything.
    That’s the problem with having a ruling, elite class. They don’t give a fuck, really, about the lives of the non-elite. Sure, you get your occasional champion, but by and large, the little people just don’t matter.
    So, between that and the Supreme Court decision today, what are you drinking for lunch?

  2. Hardly original for me to observe:
    Once the Repubs had established that they were going to delay and fight everything, what would have been wrong in using recess appointments.
    The Senate is still 59 / 41. The repubs crammed their agenda down the dems throats when they had nowhere near that level of votes.
    The polls of popularity seem to never ask: If your opinion of Obama / Dems / Senate have decreased, is it because they are going too far or not far enough.

  3. Karen Marie, by Memorial Day it will already be determined whether we have any form of Health Insurance reform or not, whether we have a Democratic Congress or a Repub Congress in 2013, whether Obama will serve one term or two, etc. The only time for effective action is right now. It isn’t often that there really is a deadline for Congress to act, but this time there is one. That’s why each of us just has to phone our Congressman/woman and ask them, politely at first, to pass the Senate Bill. Then phone again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, until any pretense of courtesy can be discarded and we can use the language of our choice to read them a riot act.

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