Treme: John Goodman Meets Ashley Morris

Ashley @Dome jpg

David Simon’s new HBO seriesTreme will be on the air quite soon.
It’s, of course, set in post-K New Orleans and the combination of
Simon’s involvement and the topic has created quite a buzz in Debrisville. John
Goodman was recently added to the cast. Goodman’s character is loosely
based on my late friend Ashley Morris whose picture is above. He’s a college professor who
boosts his beloved city and dumps on those who shit on us. Sound familiar, Athenae and Scout?

I, along with some other NOLA bloggers, learned about this some time ago but kept it
under our hats until the Goodman announcement was made. I’m feeling lazy today
so to learn more about Treme, Goodman and Ashley, head over to our mutual friendMark
Folse’s joint, Toulouse Street.

5 thoughts on “Treme: John Goodman Meets Ashley Morris

  1. Fantastic. And of course Ashley is connected to Chicago, too (do you know if the Goodman character will note that?)

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