Malakas Of The Week: Panicky Democrats

Let’s see: there was a loss in a special election with a slacker Democratic candidate and suddenly the sky is falling. Scott Brown isn’t the messiah, he’s not the next coming of anything: he’s a fluke who ran a good campaign that capitalized on angst over the recession on steroids. It’s time for Congressional Dems to learn from what happened and GET SOMETHING FUCKING ACCOMPLISHED and stop acting like malakas.

If Congress continues to dither and delay it could be 1994 all over. What’s worse is that it’s completely unnecessary this time if they simply man and woman up and get something done. I understand the process and that it’s important BUT people don’t give a rat’s ass about it, they want action and not endless hang wringing over how fucking hard it is. Let the mean old Senate Goopers filibuster, that’s one way the voters will learn that the Republicans have NO PROGRAM except for relentless opposition. We had those twisted fuckers on the ropes with a foot on their throat and we let them limp away to fight another day. Why? Fecklessness and malakatude pure and simple.

The White House is just as bad:like the Clinton and Carter administrations they’ve failed to tend their base. It’s like a garden and if you don’t tend it, weeds sprout and they choke the life out of everything. Break out the frakking weedwhacker and use it to mow down your opponents. Democratic Presidents like FDR, Truman, JFK and LBJ were tough sumbitches who had their flaws but they were NOT human punching bags. It’s time to stop being the party of Oprah and kick chinless Mitch McConnell and Leader Boner in the bollocks. Our ideas are superior but we lose our nerve when things go bad. Life is hard, folks and it’s even harder when you act like a sniveling malaka.

As much as I hate to do this, it’s time to quote a noted right-wing politician, Margaret Thatcher who once said “Now is not the time to go wobbly.” Wobbliness equals malakatude in my book.

8 thoughts on “Malakas Of The Week: Panicky Democrats

  1. I think in the wrestling metaphor the Repubs scored an escape. The shocking thing is the Dems’ reaction. It’s just like omigod the sky is falling. We gave the Rs everything they wanted and it was still not enough. Now the Dems are wondering if maybe there is something else they can give them. I don’t know what it would be. Maybe free massages or something?
    How does a party gain large majorities in both houses and elect a president and still get all weepy the first time a Repub raises his voice? Come on guys. Get a backbone. Voters want to see strong leadership and so far we’re not getting it.

  2. Hey, Democrats should all be sitting around in their messy diapers – remember we just lost one of the 58 senators we had, one senator, did you notice that number? We lost one senator. We now have 57 so called Democratic senators, not 58. Surely that requires that we all revert to our infancy and sit around in messy diapers crying.
    What ever happened to the Constitution? I don’t recall any phrase in there that allows crying babies to be Congressional folks.

  3. I share your assessment that this administration is the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. However, where do you get the dumb notion that most citizens
    want these Obozos to do anything, especially health care reform? Like the vast majority of our citizens, I don’t want these clowns anywhere near my health care.

  4. The Dems aren’t even a real party anyone; they are the Washington Generals to the Rethug’s Harlem Globetrotters. Both parties are owned and controlled by corporate money, but in order to keep the sheeple dulled by the illusion of democracy, D candidates are occasionally elected. However, after that happens, they show a truly incredible lack of political acumen, obtuse density and castrated spinelessness, thus motivating the sheep to once again vote the GOP back into control. This isn’t democracy; it’s professional wrestling. Doesn’t this seem like the most plausible explanation? Because the only alternative is that the only choice progressives and liberals are left with is weak, stupid losers who can’t or won’t do a damn thing. We must start a progressive third party, right now.

  5. I obviously share your frustration Sandman but the history of third parties in the US is an ugly one because of our first past the post voting system. The UK has a strong third party, the Liberal Democrats who regularly get over 20% of the vote and never win enough seats in Parliament to make a difference.

  6. “It may be better to be a live jackal than a dead lion, but it is better still to be a live lion. And usually easier.”
    — Lazarus Long, in Robert A Heinlein’sTime Enough for Love”

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