The Editors should be writing for the editorial pages of every newspaper left in America:

How’s Obama doing? It’s like this: America is a very, very sick
country. The old gal ain’t doing so well right now. Now, we can argue
about how she got here and how she might have been achieved her full
health potential, but I would hope we should at least agree that the
eight years spent undergoing Dr. Dubya’s patented Crack Rock and Drano
Enema Therapy, with twice-daily hour-long bullwhippings in the asbetos
room administered by Nurse Cheney, may not have been the wisest
treatment option. (Regrets, I’ve had a few. And now I recall the
advice my sainted mother gave me before she lost her voice at Ypres –
“Sonny,” she said – for ‘Sonny’ was the name of the cat she had when
she was 9, and my mother liked to drink – “sonny, never trust doctors
who only have one name. Even if that name is ‘Feelgood’. And, really,
avoid all doctors who have their own Motley Crue song. Just to be on
the safe side.”)

So Dr. Obama? Well, there’s not been a miracle recovery, that’s for
sure, but I’d argue that the prognosis has improved over the past 12
months. Could he have been move aggressive in his treatment? Perhaps.
But I think we would be wise to continue under his care, especially
because the only other doctor who will take Grandma America’s case is
named Dr. Mengele. Dr. Lucy Furr Hatemeister von Doomenheim
Apocolyticon Destruct-O-Matic Mengele, member in good standing of the
American Medical and Ritual Devil Worship Murder Association.


3 thoughts on “Doomed

  1. Unfortunately, the opinion of the massa damnata has nothing to do with facts and the news media seems afraid to post facts and analysis (which is boring).
    With Obama, many of these are easy enough – for example, as much as the Dow isn’t the best indicator of the economy overall, it is easy to go to and graph the Dow for Dubya and for Obama.
    I had a rather depressing moment this last week when I realized that that the broadcast pundits for sports teams are, at a minimum, beholden to the team owners and are often paid directly by the team owners. They sit at their microphones telling the sheeple what to think of “their” team. The pundits for the other teams are the same way about the other teams. So what you get are a lot of bloviating about tenuous theories of why YOUR team is gonna win. (This cwas in response to a certain steroid baby now becoming batting coach for St. Louis while never admiting the obvious, inappropriate use of steroids. Yet now he is an instant hero for your children to idolize.)
    And how is current political broadcasting different? Frankly, I don’t see the difference. The people thus sit back and root for their team because it is their team – facts be damned.

  2. my wife retired a year ago and has been receiving her health insurance thru COBRA. Her statement for last month has increased by over 11%. But mr obama said that his administartion is responsibel for lowering COBRA by 25%. So who is to be believed? The ruling class or the working class. The only persons of the ruling class don’t ever, ever talk to me or my family. Never have and never will.

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