He’s been in office one year. Look, I’m not 100 percent pleased with the guy either, but COME THE FUCK ON. It’s a loaded term that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. When was Bush described as embattled?

Not till his second term, and not that much outside of overseas media and filthy hippie blogs.

Look, we can argue all day long about the merits of various policies and who should be doing what but can you honestly, honestly tell me the rules aren’t different for Democrats?



5 thoughts on “Embattled

  1. Of course the rules are different for Dems… that’s why the Dems need to grow a pair and FIGHT harder — because there is no point in trying to play by “their” rules. Did you see the stupid post from Sally Quinn?? Villager doyenne needs to be slapped upside the head with a big “who the fuck cares!”
    Obama’s “embattled” — and the fringe 29% hated the SOTU (whether or not they heard it) — and it’s all the more reason for him to DO what needs to be done, and just ignore that 29% plus all the idiot media talking heads. They are never going to worship his codpiece in a flight suit.
    Oh, and Alito is a dick. But we knew that.

  2. The rules are different and most people don’t even see it, they’re still worried about the liberal media. Sigh
    After I slept on it, I liked the speech last night. BO got in a few jabs and you got a sense of him prodding the congress to do their jobs, do the right thing. Yes he was handed a hell of a mess and honestly I’m getting tired of everyone whining about how he hasn’t fixed everything and lived up to his promises yet. Did you really expect a pony?

  3. IOIYAR. Come on, we figured that out about 6 years ago.
    Obama’s only as ’embattled’ as he wants to be. If he stops treating his activist base like garbage that will change.

  4. indeed. i guess nobody expected much out of the special needs pResident.
    i want my pony. actually, i want good governance.

  5. I remember when Bush was running for his second term. The commercials told about how no president in the history of the country had to face all the problems Bush did throughout his first term (you know, the lack of 2 wars when he started and an economy that was going like gangbusters until he was sworn in).

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