The ringleader of the wingnuts who tried to sabotage Mary Landrieu’s phones, Little Liddy the Pimp, has beenordered to live at home with Mommy and Daddy in New Jersey. Unless, you’re Bruce Springsteen this sounds like a savage punishment to me: Little Liddy has stay within the Jersey state boundaries or have his parole revoked. Hmm, I wonder if he’ll hang out with Little Steven? Probably not: Van Zandt’s a rabid lefty, after all.

If you believe what these cretins told the Feds, their intent was to sabotage/vandalize Senator Landrieu’s phones in order to report on her reaction to such a problem. This may not be bugging but it’s still ratfucking like the stuff Don Segretti and Karl Rove did for CREEP back in 1972. Tricky Dick may be dead but his spirit is eternal.

I have a bit of a dilemma now as to what to call Little Liddy the Pimp and his crew. Should they be the Saboteurs or the Vandals? Any thoughts, gentle readers?

My friendMaitri suggested a name for the scandal in a comment at my blog that I quite like: HaleMaryGate. Hale is for the Hale Boggs Federal Building and the rest is self-explanatory. I think it not only rocks but it rules.

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15 thoughts on “Grounded

  1. I’m not good with the naming game. But I definitely would like to see a name that says:
    *) This was not a reporter crossing over a police line to sneak a better look. This was an intentional felony apparently planned and committed for partisan politics.
    *) This and the other actions of this person weren’t unbaised fact-checking. They have a strong stench of a pattern of political crimes and manufacturing the situation to get the pre-ordained answer.
    *) This was almost certainly not planned in a vacuum. Who were the political Dark Overloards calling the shots?
    *) Wiretapping a Senator? What the blazes made you think that shouldn’t send you to interrogation in an undisclosed location? What made you think it wasn’t domestic terrorism?
    Unfortunately, you probably can’t fit all of this on a calling card.

  2. You guys are amateurs.
    There’s only one thing that you can call a fake pimp who tries to wiretap someone.
    Buggy Bear.
    That’s how it’s done, people.

  3. I think foremost that name should reflect they are political operatives NOT journalists and they are full grown Adults not little, kids, boys, etc and they commited as crime not “exercised poor judgement.”
    They were messing with the office of a member of Homeland Security Committee…if they were brown skinned they’d be sitting in Gitmo now

  4. I don’t think our USA Jim Letten is going to play patty cake with these guys. He’s a serious hardass who owes his pending reappointment to Landrieu.

  5. …as a graduate of the University of Idaho (unlike Caribou Barbie, as an actual four-year student of that institution), I would beg of you not to pick “the Vandals”. My alumnus pain over the last 18 months for the plight of my once-proud alma mater is simply too great…
    Go with Jude’s recommendation; it’s got to be Buggy Bear…

  6. There is a great word in new world Spanish – pendejo(s) – which means a combination of dumb, naive, stupid, idiotic, etc., all rolled into one.
    A phosphorescent pendejo is one, for exmple, whose aura of pendejism is so bright it can be seen both day and night, thus warning that one is about to run into a – pendejo.

  7. They’re the great new musical sensation that’s sweeping the nation — Buggy Bear and the End of the Linemen.
    I’m willing to bet Blightbart knows more than what he’s willing to admit about this, since the guy was on his payroll for doing similar things.

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