Friday Catblogging: Krewe du Vieux Guest Kitty Edition

There’s a really swell tortoise shell cat named Lucy who lives in Faubourg Marigny around the corner from theKrewe du Vieux den. Like most torties, Lucy has major cat-itude as well as, apparently, a belly of steel. Here’s a picture Dr. A took of her on a recent float building/decorating day:


13 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging: Krewe du Vieux Guest Kitty Edition

  1. BlakNo1 says:


  2. Athenae says:

    What a beaut. Friends of ours just got a tortie after years of not having one and they’re lovely animals.

  3. Interrobang says:

    Awww… Very sweet.
    I had to put myincomparable Nero down on Tuesday, so other people’s kitteh pics are all that’s keeping me going…

  4. stellans says:

    My tortie Charlotte emigrated to Canada with my younger daughter when said daughter married a Canadian WoW player (oh, all right — he does other stuff too, but that’s how they met!). I still miss Charlotte (and daughter) but they both are thriving in Canada. I’m thinking of looking for another tortie though.

  5. mothra says:

    Oh, Interrobang, so sorry to hear about your loss. Pooh.
    So torties are renowned for their personalities? I’ve got a tortie named Minnie Pearl and she is quite the character. I thought it was just the way she was and didn’t associate it with her tortie-ness. Hmmm.

  6. Adrastos says:

    Sorry for your loss, Interro.
    And yes Mothra, torties are reknown (to Dr A and me at least) for their vivid personalities. I need to post a picture soon of our late great tortie, Window who was 5 pounds of fury as well as furry love.

  7. stellans says:

    Interrobang, my sorrow for your loss. He looks like he was a real darling of a cat (and I have a soft spot for black kitties).

  8. pansypoo says:

    i SO want a tortie. andandand a smoky black cat andandand

  9. The Other Sarah says:

    Oh, Interrobang.
    I grieve with thee.
    May Nero’s soul find the summerlands, and all your memories of him be happy ones.
    Thank you for being such a great friend to him.

  10. MapleStreet says:

    I had heard that torties were the red heads of the cat world.
    Question about torties. I have 2 cats and have have many other cats (non-torties) before.
    My experience is that cats hate citrus. They hate the sports rubs (Ben Gay) chest rubs (mentholatum), etc.
    But one of my cats now is a tortie. She LOVES these and will come running if she thinks I’m using them.
    Anyone else with the same experience?

  11. chanelrags says:

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  12. pansypoo says:

    basil, not tortie likes lemon meringue pie filling. e will drink cranberry juice and he had sweet grapefruit juice.

  13. GentillyGirl says:

    This one looks like our Spikette. Yes, the one that birthed kittehs and then went out for 5 days and delivered the “widgets” last year.
    I love her, but must keep an eye out when she gets near the door. We don’t need anymore katz. (at least I don’t have a rodent prob)

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