13 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging: Krewe du Vieux Guest Kitty Edition

  1. What a beaut. Friends of ours just got a tortie after years of not having one and they’re lovely animals.

  2. My tortie Charlotte emigrated to Canada with my younger daughter when said daughter married a Canadian WoW player (oh, all right — he does other stuff too, but that’s how they met!). I still miss Charlotte (and daughter) but they both are thriving in Canada. I’m thinking of looking for another tortie though.

  3. Oh, Interrobang, so sorry to hear about your loss. Pooh.
    So torties are renowned for their personalities? I’ve got a tortie named Minnie Pearl and she is quite the character. I thought it was just the way she was and didn’t associate it with her tortie-ness. Hmmm.

  4. Sorry for your loss, Interro.
    And yes Mothra, torties are reknown (to Dr A and me at least) for their vivid personalities. I need to post a picture soon of our late great tortie, Window who was 5 pounds of fury as well as furry love.

  5. Interrobang, my sorrow for your loss. He looks like he was a real darling of a cat (and I have a soft spot for black kitties).

  6. Oh, Interrobang.
    I grieve with thee.
    May Nero’s soul find the summerlands, and all your memories of him be happy ones.
    Thank you for being such a great friend to him.

  7. I had heard that torties were the red heads of the cat world.
    Question about torties. I have 2 cats and have have many other cats (non-torties) before.
    My experience is that cats hate citrus. They hate the sports rubs (Ben Gay) chest rubs (mentholatum), etc.
    But one of my cats now is a tortie. She LOVES these and will come running if she thinks I’m using them.
    Anyone else with the same experience?

  8. This one looks like our Spikette. Yes, the one that birthed kittehs and then went out for 5 days and delivered the “widgets” last year.
    I love her, but must keep an eye out when she gets near the door. We don’t need anymore katz. (at least I don’t have a rodent prob)

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