Meanwhile In The U.K.

The Chilcot inquiry into Britain’s role in the Iraq War had its star witness last week, former Prime Minister Tony Blair. The Artful Dodger was nervous but polished. He was also unrepentant despite all the blood that has flowed from his being W’s poodle and obeying his master’s call to war.

Even if Blair’s testimony was unsatisfying and the questioning not tough enough, the U.K. is to be praised for holding public hearings into the fiasco and calling the decision makers to the witness stand. We’d all like to see Bush, Cheney, Rummy and the lot testify under oath or should I say lie?

Here’s howITV News covered Blair’s testimony. They also spent some time talking to the protesters; many of whom lost relatives in Iraq:

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4 thoughts on “Meanwhile In The U.K.

  1. The closing bit by Tom Bradley (starting about 7:30 but particularly from 8:10 on) is really quite perceptive. I have a hard time imagining anything of the sort in American political analysis on any of the networks.

  2. Any chance that the results of the British inquiry could be a springboard to the USA (or an international body) doing some inquiry on the Bush Cabal?

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