On Stopping Bucks and Where That Happens

For serious:

Rahm Emanuel may well suck, but laying the blame for the disaster that
health care reform has become, and the relentless back-tracking on
civil liberties, and the overall decline in political fortunes that
this White House has presided over on his shoulders is not that useful.
Obama is the guy in charge. Obama doesn’t have to keep him around, he
doesn’t have to listen to his advice, he doesn’t have to let him do
anything but exactly what the President wants. The White House is a
black box – it’s not important how it works, only if it works. And it

My feelings about Rahm Emmanuel are the same as they are about everybody on the President’s staff including the interns and the guy who peels potatoes in the White House kitchen: Keep your head out of your ass and your foot up the Republicans’ and we have no problem, you and me. Fuck that up, and I’m not gonna get mad at you. I’m gonna get mad at the President, who is your boss, who I hired to keep your ass in line. I’m gonna call him up and yell, “FIX IT and keep your people out of their own nonsense for a minute so I can think, already, Jesus God.”

Yeah, I’m fun to work for. There’s a reason I don’t supervise people.

Karl Rove was not Bush’s brain. Doug Feith was not responsible for the Iraq War. John Yoo did not singlehandledly create a culture of torture and mayhem. None of the shit that happened under Bush happened because Bush just couldn’t take care of it. It happened because he either wanted it to happen or didn’t care enough to stop it. The people who work for a president are symptoms; they’re not the disease. And I refuse to believe that we need to let the president off the hook for any of it.

Somebody making you look like an asshole in public, saying shit you don’t want said out loud, doing things without authorization, not delivering the results you asked for, and drawing way, way too much attention to himself? There’s a reason the pink slip was invented. And you don’t fire that guy, I’m gonna start making judgments on how much you really mean it when you say you want one thing, and he does another.


6 thoughts on “On Stopping Bucks and Where That Happens

  1. That was a thing of beauty. Of course, I say that about your writing all the time.
    I believe Rahm’s an asshole, just like I believe that Chuck Schumer is an asshole. It’s just that I expect Rahm, like Chuck occasionally does, to “use his assholedness for good.” It’s a fucking feature, not a bug – if it is used correctly. You need to whip your party on health care? Then back that fuck Lieberman into a corner and whip him. Make Ben Nelson wonder just how much support his primary opponent will GET from OFA. I EXPECT that from you – in fact, I was told you’d be good at it, Rahmbo.
    If you aren’t doing that, then I agree with A – I gotta figure you’ve got reason to believe that not doing it isn’t gonna threaten your job security.

  2. Absolutely.
    Rahm Emanuel is not a progressive Democrat. He has no leanings towards actually, you know, fixing stuff on behalf of the non-corporate persons who live out here and pay taxes.
    That said, he should be having to answer to Obama.
    We need LBJ back!!!!!

  3. Ah, well, it’s one thing to have your head up your ass. It’s quite another thing, when in that posture, to admire the view.

  4. rahm needed to engage both sides. and yes. but a burner up reids ass. but, we needed far more bully pulpit on responding to republikkklan bullshit.

  5. The White House (including the President) haven’t figured out that the President needs to spend his time lobbying/arm-twisting Senators !

  6. The banksters own DC and Rahmbo is their agent inside 1600 Penna Avenue. Simple as that. Didn’t Durbin say so not so long ago?
    FDR once chided his supporters “now make me do it.” The same goes for BHO. The reason Rahmbo and his corporate bosses are so successful is that they have cut the legs out from under any and all “people movements” before they can get enough traction to mobilize. And they stood back while one of the few useful organizations (Acorn) took it up the wazoo in a 3rd rate ABSCAM ripoff.
    If it were up to me, I’d make Alan Grayson the WH Chief of Staff today. And let him light the bonfires all over the town.

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