Rules? In a Knife Fight?


OK, likening Tom Tancretin and Newt to night riders is a little mean…but not at all without justification, particularly when one, you’ve got evidence, and two, the Republican Party has decided that rhetorical fire bombs and buzzword politics are just fine by them.

Well, sometimes you fight fire with fire.

Tom and Newt both decided that regression to the early 20th century, if not the 19th, was right up their alley this past week as the formerembraced a pillar of segregation — literacy tests as a voting requirement — while the latter insisted that theonly effective way to deal with terrorism was the lynch mob, even as the media were distracted from this thanks to his‘facts are stupid things’ moment re: Richard Reid’s citizenship.

So why not liken them to night riders?Wingers call Obama a socialist…as if “socialist” has any meaning in a global economy (other than “kill the n*****”), they’ve derided thehealth care bill for being 1000 pages long (.pdf)…um, have you ever looked at your own health care policy? Mine’s a hundred pages long, and I’m single, with no dependents, and am in an HMO…

Allowing the Christmas Day bombing suspect the rights of an accused criminal is somehow soft on terror because “it’s a war”? How more cynical, sinister and Orwellian can you get? Wingers demand “war” without the slightest understanding of what “war” actually means, and certainly without calling for all that a genuine war requires…you know, conscription, rationing, price controls, etc., oh, and war taxes to pay for an extraordinarily expensive departure from civilized norms.

Wingers want war to be the ultimate can of whup ass/salve to relieve their inner impotence.

Their “vision” for the broader society, if not the globe, isn’t that far removed from your average prison yard.

Traditionally, the media would function as a voice of reason and call these asshole out on both their abject stupidity and moral degeneracy…and if more in the media were likeAthenae, maybe they would…but, for the most part, at least the elite media seem to have traded status for dinner party invitations even as they “report,” with a straight face, things likeKarl Rove’s ugly crack about “liberals wanting to offer therapy to terrorists” (something the Bush adminstration alledegly DID) while publishingeffluvia about the same liberals allegedly being “condescending” towards conservatives.

So, sometimes the proper and even correct reaction to not only the media, but to idiots like Tancretin and Gingrich is, “Fuck you, you fucking fucks. You fucking racist creep fucks.”

Aside from having evidence to prove what yes, is a very harsh allegation, it puts these creeps on the defensive, which is a good thing. In politics, when you’re defending, when you’re explaining, you’re losing.

And both Tom and Newt have a lot of explaining to do.

8 thoughts on “Rules? In a Knife Fight?

  1. Good points, Michael! They need to be on the defensive. They need their extremist clowning to be put into a simple narrative so that they always get asked about their stupidities. That puts the pressure on them, and they’ll mess up again, and it becomes a vicious (virtuous?) cycle.

  2. Two prime candidates for spontaneous human combustion.
    And, when they finally explode from the friction of their internal contradictions, the media will probably say that they were both the victims of a roadside bomb.

  3. Yeah, theyshould be on the defensive, but they will not be, because they are incapable of shame. More importantly, however, they are incapable of ever acknowledging that they are wrong and are well practiced at changing the conversation from what’s wrong with their behavior or statement to how horrible you are for pointing out that they’re assholes.
    They own the media and are going to win every time.

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