Pagans Suck at Fighting!

Bob Barr, everybody:

But I have to tell you, if I were in the Air Force and was being
commanded by an officer who practices hedonism as a religion (another
part of the definition of “pagan”), and who dances around a circle of
stones in the woods carrying a lighted candle, I would be more than a
little worried about following him into battle.

IfI were in the Air Force and was being
commanded by an officer who practices hedonism as a religion, I would be more than a little worried I wasn’t being invited to his sweet, sweet parties.

Hilarious commenters are hilarious:

What? No whine about how bad it is that they are having parades in New
Orleans celebrating Bacchus the God of wine? He was worshiped long
before this new age Jesus ever came around.

It is April 1st already or did a supposed Libertarian just piss all over the 1st amendment?

jesus was the most-famous medical marijuana dealer in history, cannabis was a heavy ingredient in his holy oil…

Bob I’m not much worried about which God warriors follow..the Roman
legions follow Mitra for hundreds of years and that worked out pretty


11 thoughts on “Pagans Suck at Fighting!

  1. I wonder which Barr would rather have — the ostensible religious hedonist, or me, the irreverant atheist… *grin* Let’s putthat false dichotomy in front of him and see which way he backtracks.

  2. What Hecate said!!!
    Oh, and that douchemook is worried about some guy w/a healthy attitude about his body, dancing around stones in the woods w/a candle…? While the (for example) Cat’licks are all about venerating stones (carved into the shape of a brutally tortured fellow, his weeping, bereft mother and more tortured folks as saints), lighting candles and screwing up their patellar regions w/all the kneeling, as well as going into darkened closets to air their sins…and eating styrofoam disks because it ‘kind of’ is the body of the snuffed savior and drinking wine because it is ‘kind of’ his blood???
    Bob Barr to the ‘Purple Check Yourself Phone’ please!

  3. When I was in the Air Force, I had a 1st Shirt whose wife was a stripper and they used to swing on a regular basis.

  4. Is he saying that no one knows killing and carnage like a Christian? (Alexander the Great was able to conquer the world because he followed Christ?)
    Who is this bozo? I take it he is with the Journal/Constitution. Is he somebody they keep around because they have to?
    And if the military builds a chapel for the Christians, don’t they have to provide equal facilities for other faiths?
    Even though I’m not a Pagan, wouldn’t a Pagan facility save on construction costs because it is outdoors?

  5. I feel better knowing that many of the Air Force’s religious officers practice symbolic cannibalism, feasting like reverent zombies on the kid whose existence was predicated on the rape of a young virgin.

  6. Y’know, he just can’t help himself.
    I took the Army to task for permitting the practice of Wicca on its bases, including at Ft. Hood in Texas. After speaking with a number of officers and military leaders, and meeting with several former military who adhere to the practice of Wicca, I was convinced that a belief in or practice of witchcraft, was not necessarily incompatible with the good order and discipline essential to a military lifestyle. However, one might legitimately wonder just how far such tolerance should extend.
    What a dick. First, he had to drop in that bit about Fort Hood. What the fuck does a crazy jihadi major have to do with this? Second, Wicca is okay, but “paganism,” as Bob Barr defines it, is not? So he gets to be the arbiter of which irrational myths are compatible with good order, and which aren’t?
    Jesus fucking Christ, this lunacy is going to get us all killed.

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