The Blogger In The Bubble


It’s been crazy in New Orleans the last two weeks as you can see from the above pictures taken on Lundi Gras by Dr. A. Carnival has a way of taking control of your life until it turns you into a bead grubbing, beer swilling lunatic. I also live inside the Uptown parade route box so I’ve spent the past few days figuring out how to get around town. Eventually, one simply gives in to the lunacy and lives in a bubble. It’s a fun bubble but it interferes with one’s online babble and banter. I’m just catching up on the news in the outside world but I’m too pooped to post anything substantive, that is, if I ever do.

How was that for a feeble attempt at a comeback post? Oh well, when in doubt post some music:

2 thoughts on “The Blogger In The Bubble

  1. I’m trying to picture the combination.
    While either one alone would be quite a celebration, the combination of Mardi Gras and the Saints win must be making things quite frantic.

  2. Hope you had a good time despite not having a choice about getting caught up in things, being on a parade route. I can see how that could get, well…
    Just trying to cross Canal or St. Charles made Sunday and Tuesday interesting, and not necessarily in a good way…that said, I had fun, and even managed to avoid some of the traffic going in and out of town, thanks to friends who know their way around…

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