In Fact, I AM Here to Talk About the Past


Miss Me Yet?

Good advice for the Obama administrationhere — don’t bring a knife to a gun fight and especially don’t think you can rely on sober logic when facing off against gun-crazed lunatics, i.e., your modern Rethuglican party.

There’s a reason why they do their best Mark McGwire impersonations and refuse to talk about the past eight years: they were a disaster. An unmitigated disaster that by any measure destroyed the credibility of not only idiot George and evil Dick (who needs to be reminded that anything he says these days can and SHOULD be used against him), but the credibility of the conservative movement generally. They shat the bed, they screwed the pooch, they burned the house down…they fucked it all up.

Their attempts to bury the past — aided and abetted by their elite media enablers — can be pretty easily countered, particularly given the selective way in which they insist on the relevancy or non-relevancy of history. From Jimmy Carter to St. Ronald Patron of the Laffer Curve to September 11th, Rethugs spend quite a bit of time dwelling in either the past or a laughably naive mythical realm, and are wide open to ridicule on the basis of hypocrisy if not stupidity…provided we don’t let them control the narrative.

Bill Clinton, cheesy as it sounded, seized the future (“Bridge to the 21st Century”). Obama can do likewise. He can also explicitly seize the concept of global leadership, whichRepublican “leader” Newt Gingrich stupidly rejected not that long ago (as if one can claim world leadership while rejecting world citizenship.)

There’s a reason whyRethugs don’t want tobicker and argue about the legacy of their steely eyed hero — they’d lose. That’s why they and the elite media have insisted the tea party nonsense is something new, and not the same rehashed, tired old discredited face of The Bush Era…

4 thoughts on “In Fact, I AM Here to Talk About the Past

  1. ‘tired old discredited face of The Bush Era…’
    Not to be critical, but for those of us elderly these people have been around a lot longer than W. It’s just a different color lipstick on the same old rotting pig corpse. If these people ever had a new idea it would most certainly die of loneliness. The only difference today is our media (Fox News) bending over backward for these morons. Except when they’re dropping their pants and bending over forward to grab their ankles.

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