Dealers Who Said They Were Through With Dealing: Caprica Thread


Amanda hears something in his voice, there at the end, and while her
question is good — “What is this to you?. Did you lose someone on that
train?” — his silence is better, and his eventual answer is best: “I
losteveryone on that train.” So awesome. Now, I don’t trust
him one inch, because he seems just as one-track as anybody else you
can’t trust on this show, and that’s clearly not the real whole answer
anyway, but as a thing for a person to say? Dude, I went from total
hate to total love forLee Adama just based on him saying shit like that.

Spoilers within. Daniel in a tank top, in bed? How did I so please you, fandom gods?

6 thoughts on “Dealers Who Said They Were Through With Dealing: Caprica Thread

  1. I know my speculation is usally craptarded but I don’t think Willie = Bill.
    I have to rewatch this ep, I fell asleep and restarted it and fell asleep, over and over.
    (Sleep deprived not bored)

  2. Virgotex, I’ve been stumped by the time line. Willie is 13 (didn’t Tsattie mention that last week?) so if he’s Bill of BSG, in the next 10 years there are so many cylons angry about being slaves to humans they attack and then disappear for 40 years before returning when Bill is about to retire when he’s somewhere around 60. The math doesn’t work. Bill never mentioned Sam or Tsattie or life before cylons.
    Maybe there’s another big surprise coming, time wise, like the ending of the BSG series.

  3. yeah, it’s the time line. It’s 58 years till the events of bsg, which would put him at 71 at the beginning of bsg, which– no frakking way. He was “the old man” but not that old.

  4. Okay watched the whole thing and I thought the Tamara/New Cap City stuff was stunning in and of itself as well as serving to sharply differentiate between Tamara’s situation and Zoe’s. And also to just mess things up just when we have settled in and think we know, at least a little bit, the “rules” of this story.
    The superimposition of Tamara’s “awakening” onto the Adama’s funeral rites and saying goodbye made both storylines even weirder and sadder than they already were.

  5. Has it been established that 71 years is “old” in the BSG universe? Maybe lifespans there are longer than ours.

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