USA Hockey Crack Van Sunday

Tune in around 2 p.m. CST for crackage. Because Doc asked, and hey, we did the Super Bowl.

I watched the USA team wax the Finns todayvia Yahoo Sports’ liveblog. By the second period the US was up 6-0, and the jokes started coming:

“Nokia’s stock is tanking today … go figure.”

“America just announced they’re building a bunch of Wal-Marts all over Finland. No one can stop us now.”

“Is there now a free-throw line in hockey?”

“Does Wal-Mart carry Purina reindeer chow?”

“I feel like I’m watching Bambi’s mother get killed.”

is not a red-headed stepchild. Hockey is more like a crazy uncle who
smells bad, but a couple of the cousins like him anyway because he
tells dirty jokes when he’s drunk.”

[Comment From Finlands Defense Finlands Defense:]Hey sorry guys, that bathroom break took a lot longer than expected. I’m ready to go for the 2nd though. What did I miss?