14 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. i would enjoy being famous for [bannable] cheney.
    i would enjoy being famous for curing cancer, or going into space, or winning an olympic contest. i’ve also always wanted to be able to sing. i’d settle for being a famous DJ, which i can actually do well even as my voice isn’t the greatest.

  2. I kinda think being famous posthumously would be the best of both worlds. 🙂
    Anonymity in life, fame after death. Can’t possibly get a swelled head that way.
    For what? I dunno. The funniest joke in the world?

  3. Only if it got me free donuts. Those ones that look like bismarks but have vanilla pudding in them and chocolate on top. Otherwise, nope.

  4. Fame many times is just a pain in the ass because you are constantly grouped with other famous people who provide alot of the pain.

  5. If recognized and respected are the same as being famous, then count me in. But if I have to get drunk in public and have a stalker photographer catch me flashing my johnson just so I land a spot in this week’s People, then no, I’m good.

  6. No. I would prefer to be poor and anonymous to rich and famous (well, rich and anonymous would be OK). I couldn’t take the attention famous people get.

  7. History shows us that the famous are rarely significant and the significant are rarely famous.

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