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  1. Surely you understand that it is only this thin line of patriots that keeps Louisiana free from terrorist attacks. We should honor those patriotic mature men for their dedication to the cause of freedom. Maybe it would be appropriate for us to start a fund drive to help them with their laundry bills – keeping those sheets white can be expensive.

  2. Yeah, just what the country needs. A militia I could personally take down in ten minutes.
    Can their bones even handle the recoil of an actual weapon?

  3. In the good old days, when a southern sheriff organized a bunch of aging jock crackers, they didn’t bother with fancy names like “militia.” Do they get the pointy hoods at graduation, or what?

  4. I can’t close my jaw – it has dropped to the floor on this one.
    For the Operation Exodus – why are octogenerians better equipped to handle such emergencies than 30 Year Olds?
    Do you really want McGrumpy to be armed with riot shields and heavy firearms?
    Here in Missouri most folks have firearms already. Wonder what they would do to a riot shield?
    With all apologies to South Park, couldn’t they be defeated simply to taking over the Buffet line at the Sizzler?
    Is this as effective as Duck and Cover? The more I see of it, the more I see that a lot of these security measures are either a) to get Homeland Security money which is being doled out like candy or b) to make people feel good even when it isn’t gonna work.
    BTW – love the link to “The Paranoid Style”

  5. Oh, who is legally responsible for the health care when a rioter hits McGrumpy over the head with a baseball bat?

  6. You know, aside from the unintentionally hilarious geriatric-ness of the volunteers, this is in fact a bit scary. They’re being handedguns.
    I wonder if perhaps they’re setting the stage to do what some New Orleans cops pulled on people after Katrina:
    To this day I’m seething at what the Gretna LA cops did to people trying to flee NOLA (brief mention in article), into the predominantly-white suburbs. And that was COPS pulling this sh~t – not some ‘deputized’ citizens being handed guns/weapons and allegedly trained to keep the peace.
    Whether this particular effort can be laughed out of existence or not, I think someone needs to get a handle on it. This is barely one step removed from ‘militias’ – and it’s being done with public money. (you know, like Socialism?)
    my $0.02 –

  7. Good of What is,
    exactly. Not only will they be armed, but they will have less training than the police but with the expectation that they are the law.
    Who knew that a U-turn is a capital offense?

  8. I lived near Dallas attending college in the mid 70s. Back then, as now, public institutions of high(er) learning offered reduced tuition rates to all in-state residents or to those non-residents who joined certain “part time” organizations like the Texas State Guard (which I chose). Trading a couple of afternoons every other weekend for greatly reduced rates seemed more than fair.
    But imagine my surprise upon discovering that not only were we a first call for civil defense chores (usually natural disasters like tornadoes), our other “mission” was to protect the Tex/Mex border from infiltration by something or someone or who really knew what or how or when or why. All that mattered was that we be trained and ready to defend America against all sworn enemies who might try to take advantage of that porous border to attack us. Or to ransack us. Or to simply be annoying in our general direction – a favored outcome since we were unarmed.
    I’m not entirely sure what I would have thought of the whole idea were I not so perma-baked at the time, but in retrospect it’s quite reminiscent of “The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming!”

  9. I am from Shreveport, which is across the Red River Bridge from Bossier, LA, but live elsewhere now. I called my right-wing brother in S’pt last night to ask him about this story. He swears that, because of Barksdale Air Force Base, there have been radical-Islamic threats to that area. But his next remarks gave away the real game: He said “The Blacks” are getting out of control in that area, and the militia would be needed if there was domestic terrorism by Teh Blacks. This militia evidently also patrols in certain neighborhoods a few nights a week. Which neighborhoods? The crime-ridden ones, he said. He said The Blacks are on a crime rampage, have taken over the Civil Service (?) and are purposefully fouling up the local government…all since Obama was elected President. The real mission of this “militia,” which are mainly retired Law Enforcement and Military…is to protect White Christians from the Obama/Liberal takeover of our guns, bibles and freedoms. It’s scary in that it is a KKK-Citizens Militia that has been given official sanction by local law enforcement. It is amusing to us because we don’t live there. To many local African-Americans, it could be very intimidating, and not very funny.

  10. ZOMG, ann, do you know the bridge right outside the gate to Barksdale?
    I learned about brakes one night on the backseat of a CB750F — we were topping the bridge doing 80 when the light at the bottom went red … and we made the stop.

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