I Think the Real Question Is …

… what kind of countertops do they have in their kitchens?

You know, what wouldn’t you do to your enemies if you knew there were no consequences? It’s not that this shit isn’t understandable. It’s human nature to want to crush your enemies. It’s just that at some point usually our better natures or, you know, our moms, say, “Maybe you shouldn’t be such a DICK today, kiddo.” I don’t know if you get that part surgically removed when you enter government or what. Then again, it’s not like these people will really face any repercussions. After all, nobody else has, apart from Scooter Libby (kind of).

I have people I loathe. I could make a list and make plans. I think about it sometimes, though more from a perspective of buying a particular institution’s building out from under them and cutting their electricity at 10 a.m. every day for a week and then planting 20 kilos of smack and calling the cops, than doing this kind of thing, but I’m no stranger to the urge to be a petty, vindictive little bitch. Would I actually do it? I dunno, get back to me after I win the lottery. And figure out where one buys smack.

Kidding, mom.


ps. I’ve never done any illegal drugs at all, is how sheltered I am. I know people who have done drugs, and I know where drugs are sold, I have a
pretty good idea of the vicinity, but I don’t know how it WORKS, like,
do you just drive up and be like, “Can I get some coke, please?”

pps. It’s not that I want coke, but should
there ever be a situation where I would need some coke, I would like to
be prepared and be able to get some efficiently, because that’s how Catholic school and the Girl Scouts
warped my little mind. You would not believe the outlandish shit for which I have detailed contingency plans.

6 thoughts on “I Think the Real Question Is …

  1. From the comments at that link:
    “Call these lawyers the John Adams 7 to combat the heinous tag Liz Cheney’s group is pushing.”
    Seems like a good idea.

  2. Just a thought: Looking at the last 8 years, it appears that the politicos have gotten Plato’s Ring of Gyges.
    Very few people follow the news to know what they have or haven’t done.

  3. What you do is go up to some high school kids that have red rimmed eyes are wearing heavy coats all the time and say,
    “I’d like to purchase a sack of marijuana.”
    If they don’t scream NARC and run, you’re in.
    (My druggie and I used to create these scenarios all the time because he told me all the ways kids spot narcs based on their language. I always loved playing the role of narc who attempts to use hip language that I learned in 8th grade.)

  4. I never did coke but I think you rub coca seeds on your Chia Pablo Escobar and then 6 weeks later it snows. It’s a habit and a hobby all in one.

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