It Matters Whose Child: Caprica Thread


SERIOUS clothes envy. And legs envy. And don’t get me started on the bone structure, Jesus god.


It’s the reason I loved writing aboutLt. Thrace
so much, and eventually fell in love with her without ever identifying
with her: That was her story. She painted the sky. She wrote the
Starbuck story, starring Starbuck. She came back from Heaven unbroken,
and brought us all home. And she did that by being braver than we can
imagine, in ways we barely knew about sometimes, and in ways that
usually looked more crazy than not, because she knew the Underworld and
learned to speak the language of birds. Shit happened to her that
wasn’t her fault, and I’m not saying otherwise. Shit happens to
everybody. Unbelievably awful shit happens to us on the reg. But once
it happens, it’syours. Different rules for before and after, because you’re not the one to blame.

I’ve been reading The Sparrow again, the parts about Catholicism (see: me, doing religion like I do everything else) and the parts about the spiritual purpose of remaining unmarried in the priesthood, to love beyond loneliness, so that they are all yours, everyone you see. So that they’re all God. So that you don’t limit your concern to just those that share your blood. So that you didn’t have the excuse of “not mine” to not give a shit. I’m not saying that’s the only way to do things, I’m also not saying it’s not pretty and poetic justification for power, I’m saying that’s not something you should have to force yourself to think. Our fate is your fate. I am thinking of having that tattooed on me somewhere. Seriously.

If the Cylon isn’t Zoe, and if Zoe isn’t yours, you can rip its arm off. You can tell it to destroy itself and it will. People do, all the time. If the Cylon is Zoe, and Zoe is yours … if Zoe is everybody’s … well, then we’re all living John Lennon’s dream, aren’t we? Who’s your family? Everybody. Who’s your people? Everybody. Where is your home, your place where you are something, where you belong? Everywhere. Limitless love is terrifying. When fundie whackjobs call family the building blocks of society, what they really mean is that we’ve got to break it off in pieces, to make it easier to chew, or else we’d choke, we’d go crazy, trying to take it all in.

So, this week. A lot of setup. Daniel Graystone just keeps getting more beautiful and more fucked. He’s got the things that are his: the team, the house, the company. Amanda, a little, though her crazy ass seems to be the only part of his life that isn’t tied up in his narcissistic nonsense. He’s got all this stuff that’s his, and the only thing somebody can do to you after you build a fortress around yourself is lay a fucking siege. The first thing you do after you get your castle is start digging a moat because the invading armies are coming. Did he truly never consider that as fast as it’s all come, it could all go again?

I honestly don’t know if I’m rooting for Tomas Vergis or not, here. He’s clearly in the right. (He’s also hot; I have a thing for three piece suits, and at this point I’d like to live for a week in the head of this show’s costume designer.) Taurons are all about the obligation, the debt to be paid, the loyalty due, the marks you get to make on your skin to tell others who you are and what you carry with you and what they owe you for that. I dig that about them, but I can see where it fucks them up.

I like that Philomon gets himself up for his big date like a leisure-suit swinger and Zoe’s kitted out for the sock hop, basically. Other Bodies, Our Selves. Being a teenager is like having a million costumes; you try them all on until you find one that fits.

Someone needs to do some kind of Behind the Music or InTouch confessional-style interview with Serge Graystone. It can’t be easy living robot life looking like an upright sperm, letting freaky people in at all hours to get ripped with Amanda and fondle the other household robots right in front of you.



11 thoughts on “It Matters Whose Child: Caprica Thread

  1. It’s tough to root for almost anybody on this show. However, Vergis has a legit beef.

  2. I love the outdoor scenes in this show. It’s shot in and around Vancouver, BC which is gorgeous. They used the Museum of Anthropology in this episode for the scene when Daniel and Amanda are dancing until he sees Vergis. The sculpture in front of Vergis and Daniel is there also, The Raven and First Men. Interesting choice for this show. If you ever go to BC, you must visit this museum. It will blow you away.
    And Serge’s twitter feed is a hoot.

  3. My favorite part of this episode? When Daniel is lying to Amanda, and she says, “You’ll tell me the rest when you’re ready, right?” These are people who understand each other like few couples ever do. Her recognition of his hiding the truth, her acceptance of it with the knowledge that he’ll tell her at some point, his lying to her knowing that she’ll recognize it, and accepting and agreeing that he’ll have to tell her at some point. Damn, that’s some fine writing.
    As for the rest, when Teryl Rothery signed up to do this show, did she know she was playing Della Street? She’s perfect for Evelyn, by the way. And I’m delighted to see SciFi giving her more work after she was so good on SG-1 all those years in a relatively thankless role. Her’s was my second-favorite part of the episode. I really hope they give some time to her to develop the potential relationship with Joseph. And I lovelovelove her clothes so far. You’re right, A, those are some damned fine costume designers.
    BTW, I’ve always loved how SciFi shares actors. There were at least half a dozen people on Galactica that I recognized from SG-1 (Grace Park, Matthew Bennet (Doral), Aaron Douglas (Tyrol), Alessandro Juliani (Gaeta), Lorena Gale (Elosha), and several others I can’t remember off the top of my head.). The benefit of watching SG-1 on Hulu after watching Galactica for years.

  4. My favorite Serge tweet so far: “I did not attend Zoe’s funeral, as it was not in the house. Daniel and Amanda returned pale and sad. I made soup.”

  5. Serge cooks? HOW? He doesn’t appear to have arms.
    Buggy, I loved that bit with Daniel and Amanda, too. The necessary fictions of human relationships and the way we know, even as we’re creating them, that they’re bullshit. People who can call each other on it without it being some Big Dramatic Thing. Fucking HOT, that.

  6. best Jacob: “as much as I resent the idea/fact that genre fans seem to finally be warming to the show now that it’s given them their requisite handjob of whoa – I want you to understand that I don’t fault, and in fact love, the use of the Matrix metaphor here.”
    “requisite handjob of whoa” — I love him.
    I don’t think I find Amanda and Daniel hot- I think they are beautiful, what they have, what they had, is beautiful. But it’s beautiful the same way their house is beautiful. The perfection is killing them. It can’t sustain them after what’s happened, and what Daniel did because of what happened.

  7. Serge apparently has retractable manipulator arms. The Twitter feed is a hoot, seriously. Oh, and he knows Zoe is in the robot. He suspects the dog knows, too.

  8. Sam Adama is one good looking bay boy. Muscles in all. To bad I’m female.

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