7 thoughts on “Saturday Blogwhoring Thread

  1. I find it supremely amusing that congressman Stupak (R – Roman Catholic Church) is now retiring after doing his best to follow orders from his owners.
    Apparently il papa Ritzo decided that having control of the Supreme Joke was enough. 6 out of 9 of the Joke are catholic.
    Also, expect large numbers of Catholic’s hospitals to become corporations who can funnel millions to their representatives and congresspeople. Thank the supreme joke for that too.

  2. Local newspaper here in rural Missouri includes an article that the county Sherriff’s office is prepared to keep there from being confrontations between the citizenry and census workers. Says that there have been increased threats against census workers throughout the nation.
    I don’t remember the Census as being such a tumultuous event. I remember that some groups try to duck the census folks. But I don’t remember even a fist fight – much less the need for a show of force.
    Have things changed that much? Or is this really over the top?

  3. I have a new post up at my place (click the linkee in my name thingee) laying out some information on a case that went down in Portland OR a bit ago — a professor interrupted a class to accuse a student of being an FBI plant and agent provocateur, trying to incite violence among radical groups on campus. Is he? Isn’t he? I don’t know for sure, but I researched the hell out of the guy using all of the names for him I could come up with (several), and found…about what you’d expect to find if he really were a plant…

  4. Just read the dead tree Trib commentary page, and their editorial on Illinois GOP governor canidate Bill Brady was priceless. From what I can tell, the Trib is upset because Brady’s a bad liar. They are perplexed about why he was ‘in the weeds’ taking obscurely unpopular stands against civil unions and for gassing puppies. Apparently the brain trust (and I use the term extremely loosely) doesn’t understand that THOSE ARE HIS ACTUAL POSITIONS on the issues he thinks are most important to the people of Illinois.
    Now he’s making a typically ineffective and dishonest right wing attempt to distance himself from his own clearly stated positions on the issues so as to hoodwink the voters into believing he’s someone he’s not. After all, it actually worked for the wingnut Republican candidate for governor in Virginia last fall. But that was in the Old Confederacy, where racism and bigotry are still relatively easy sells. Here in Illinois, we’re usually able to tell who’s a crook; the problem at election time is trying to elect the crook who won’t destroy the state versus the one who will. Guessed wrong with Rod; now we’ve got Quinn, the stupidest man in state politics, running against an incompetent liar.
    According to the Trib: ” Mr. Brady, you are at grave risk of making Quinn look like the more competent candidate in this race.” Maybe that’s because, God help us, Quinn IS the more competent candidate in this race. I’m looking forward to the Trib’s rhetorical Texas Two-Step when they endorse Brady come the fall. After all, no matter how many lies he tells, or how badly he tells them, or how incomprehensible his positions will prove to be for voters to grasp, I predict the totally and completely credibility-free Trib edit page will be foursquare in his corner.

  5. Much as I love living in Illinois, I really don’t care for the people we always elect to sit in the governor’s seat. Or much of the state government, really. It’s sad. More so now that the state is so dead broke, and the leadership is just flailing around trying to score political points…
    Oh, wait. That’s the federal government, too. SIgh.

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