13 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. I’d have my health, food and shelter; be surrounded by people I like and love who like and love me back; my son would be a contented fairly well-adjusted individual who still has his sense of humor… and I’d have all of my wits about me ’til the very end.
    It’d be nice to think that spinning yarns online or in print somewhere for a paycheck would get me there, and I’m finding more and more that I’d like it to, but I think I’m doing okay being mom and doing some part-time work on the side for now. Success at the moment is being with my son and teaching him about life – and even having him teach me some in the bargain.

  2. I would have left my community a better place than it was when I arrived. For me, specifically, that means collecting as much of the local history of my community as I can before its landfilled or asphalted over, catalog it and stabilize it, and properly store it for the use of future researchers.

  3. World peace, an end to hunger, no more communicable diseases, and reversal of global warming. Then, during the second half of my life…
    Seriously, success is whatever you define it to be, and for most of us, I suspect it is a step or two beyond our accomplishments.

  4. The best answer I’ve ever heard is to live a life with no regrets. Very few of us will ever be able accomplish that.

  5. Oh, I feel like things could be MUCH worse, but…to say “successful,” hmmm…maybe have a job where I could really make a difference, and not just a living…

  6. Think big, people.
    I have two candidates. The first is that I would have been able to use my verbal skills to change the thinking of millions of people and get the human race moving in a better direction.
    The other is that I will have won a 9 figure lottery prize, provided for the basic care of my family and friends for generations to come, and used the rest to start businesses and other institutions that would, that’s right, get the human race moving in a better direction.
    “Human race moving in a better direction” seems the only possible goal.

  7. Jeez, people. I’m just a simple man with a simple dream. To become King of Blowjobonia. That’s a real country, right?

  8. I will have accomplished not having to spend another second of my time enriching someone else.
    I think it was Bob Dylan that said “If a person gets up every morning, and goes to bed every night, and in between does what they want to do, that person is a success”.

  9. I already am truly successful: I raised my son to be an independent grown-up with a great job, his creativity and love of music sustained for a lifetime, and who is is a wonderful father to his son. All the rest is just stuff.

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