Love Wins

Thy neighbor, apparently, can suck it:

According to teachers at Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School, a meeting was held Tuesday to discuss the issue. The staff was told a
student would not be allowed to re-enroll because of his or her
parents’ sexual orientation. The staff members were also told not to
talk to the media.

In a statement sent to 9NEWS, the Archdiocese said, “Homosexual
couples living together as a couple are in disaccord with Catholic

According to the Archdiocese, parents who enroll their kids at
Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School are expected to follow the
Catholic Church’s beliefs.

“No person shall be admitted as a student in any Catholic school unless that person and his/her parents subscribe to the school’s philosophy and agree to abide by the
educational policies and regulations of the school and Archdiocese,”
the statement said.

Because this student’s parents are homosexual, the Archdiocese says they were in clear violation of the school’s policy.

Questions unanswered by the Archdiocese of Denver regarding the parents in its schools: What about all the parents using condoms or birth control pills? Shouldn’t their kids get shoved out the doors too? What about divorced parents who’ve not gotten their previous marriages annulled? What about parents who fornicate? What about parents who steal? What about parents who forget it’s Friday one time and order spaghetti with meatballs? What about parents who don’t got to confession? Here’s a doozy: What about children conceived through IVF, are they unwelcome in the Roman Catholic church?

I’d like to see that one enforced. That would be more fun than a truckload of kittens.

This is all so goddamn depressing. The Catholic Church has decided, after years of not really making that much of an issue out of homosexuality beyond some low-level “love the sinner” horseshit and some pretty fierce ignoring of the obvious, to begin fighting a civil goddamn war over this. It’s been roiling beneath the surface for years but now? Now it’s ON, bitches. Now we’re gonnadeny homeless kids an adoptive family so the gays don’t get a child, deny everybody health benefits because somebody might have a gay spouse, and wank on endlessly that our internal Canon laws — which by the way no matter how much they may wish it so are not binding on the secular society in which we live — arebeing threatened by the very American tolerance that for years protected its immigrant churchgoers from the kind of religious persecution that burned England down. Talk about ungrateful, by the way.

This is the fight they’re picking, and they are going to cause hurt to untold thousands, foment hate among millions, probably fuck up a few more presidential elections and the senate and local school boards or whatever, drive away what few younger folks haven’t already split in disgust, and then they’re going to lose. They’re going to lose in the long run. I don’t know if they can see it, but everybody around them can. They’re going to lose, because this kind of bigotry is alwaysso stupid, because love is scarily persistent. All you need to know about the future, you can see in the eyes ofthose loving couples who got their licenses in DC this week. All you need to know about the future, you can see in this sign:


Love wins. You can’t beat that, and it’s stupid to try. You can’t stop that and you can’t kill it and you can’t deny it, it will fucking own you in the end, always, always. I know it feels to a lot of people who are fighting this fight that Prop 8 and the other backwards-ass laws passed recently and now this latest Catholic bullshit are signs that the fight is going badly, and I know it’s easy for me to say it’s not. I’m married to the person I love and have no cause to fear I’ll be unmarried from him against my will. It is easy for me to say. But. Look at that. Love wins. It might take forever, we might not ever live to see it, but can you say it’s untrue? Lovefucking wins.

So what the Catholic Church is doing would be funny if it wasn’t so sad and horrible and ordinary: They’re going to run aground on this, and all the good they might have
done in the meantime will be lost because they could not see past this. This is what they’ve deemed worthy of burning down an entire network of compassion built over centuries in this country. They’ll destroy themselves to explicitly deny what they claim a nice carpenter fellow got up from the dead to tell them, precisely, exactly. What they say he was talking about with his entire life.

Which is: Love wins.


16 thoughts on “Love Wins

  1. *throws up hands and commences to getting down in the Amen corner*

  2. I do wonder if they have any clue what sort of harm they’re doing to their reputation among non-Catholics. It’s like the official Church is now all about sex rules — who may do it with whom, when, and how, and how to protect its own priests when they themselves do it in all the banned ways anyway. Is that what they think is important? Is this what they want to be known for? This was not always (quite so much) the case — what changed?

  3. Love wins. It might take forever, we might not ever live to see it, but can you say it’s untrue? Love fucking wins.
    That says it all, and thanks for saying what I needed to hear that today.

  4. dr2chase, I don’t think it’s that it wasn’t always that way. The church has always been obsessed with sex. But what used to be the optimal situation was putting all our shit aside and helping poor people, and worrying later about who was fucking who.
    Recently it’s become more important for certain bishops to shame gay people than to help anybody. They’ve unbalanced the scales. And the silence of the others in the face of that self-indulgent behavior (because it is self-indulgent; in the face of the need in this world it is shameful) is deafening.
    Gay marriage laws have some bishops scared shitless they’ll be forced in court to marry gay people. Which is NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN, but it’s like the “Obama wants your guns” paranoia. Easy to sell the fear than the security.

  5. To me, a central problem is throwing out the kid on the basis of the parents. You don’t have to go as far as IVF.
    I’d highlight the question of fornication. What about if the parents are engaging in extramarital relations? Probably would affect a lot of the student’s.
    (I’m using these two as somewhat on the order of the view towards gay relations and is rather clearly spelt out as one of the Big 10. Where you can get into a lot of legalistic debate about how and when IVF can be used.)

  6. Oh, and may I ask what if the parents are Lutheran or Anglican? You know there have been some rather bloody differences between the Lutherans.

  7. You have to look at this from the angle of membership – since the revelations about priest pedophilia, gay bashing has been their only source to stem the anger at that and to prevent the massive Baptist steal from their pews. Think, too, of what would make a young guy become a priest in this day and age – purely anecdotal evidence from me, but the younger Catholic priests I hear stories about are all virulently anti-choice.
    Back in 2008 we had to move our polling place (in a suburb of Philadelphia, PA) from the local catholic school gym b/c the priests bitched too much about Obama signs out front. Ironically (or not, I just listened to that silly Alanis Morisette song so my irony detector is down) we moved it to the Baptist church, where we’ve been treated way better. Just think of where that old school religious fervor comes from, then watch that horror movie Jesusland, and brainstorm how the Catholic right tries to compete with that stuff.

  8. Maple, that’s a question that interests me, because while I was baptized Catholic, my dad was Lutheran when my parents got married. I wonder if that was an issue for the school. Probably not, since *I* was Catholic, but by that rule unless the kid’s having gay sex *himself* it doesn’t matter what his parents are doing so long as the tuition checks clear.
    We had lots of kids in my Catholic high school who weren’t Catholic, too. And lots of Catholic kids who weren’t abiding by church teaching, but nobody kicked out the senior girls who got pregnant and I can’t even really remember any aggressive shaming on the part of the teachers or the nuns. Nobody said to the rest of us, “Those girls are whores.” In fact, it was pretty explicitly stated that anybody mocking them was an asshole.
    Looking back, what I considered a fairly conservative environment appears downright liberal now. I learned about evolution at that school.

  9. It’s as if they think they can make up for 50 years of protecting child raping priests by bashing gays now. It doesn’t work that way. It such a massive fail it’s hard to comprehend.
    I knew lots of kids that went to catholic school that weren’t catholic, and it was no big deal. Some of them provided a better education than the public schools. The kids learned about the faith, but everyone understood that they belonged to a different religion. No one expected their parents to alter their behavior.

  10. I’d like to see that set to music so I can play it thru loudspeakers at the Archdiocese. Because they’re making Manuel Noriega look like the second coming of St. Francis of Assisi with this one.
    Sing it, sister. Sing it LOUD.

  11. They’ll destroy themselves to explicitly deny what they claim a nice carpenter fellow got up from the dead to tell them, precisely, exactly. What they say he was talking about with his entire life.
    Which is: Love wins.

    Athenae for the WIN!
    (also to clarify my comment above, there is no connection between pedophiles and gays. the church may be making that assumption, I most certainly am not.)

  12. i think DupinTM has a crucial point — as the world changes, you’re going to get fewer and fewer sane, moderate people who want to be in the catholic church hierarchy. There are way too many other places they can do good works. So dead-enders it will be.
    (This is true of other denominatons as well. I grew up around a bunch of laid-back, sensible episcopal priests, but the guy I talked to when we were setting up my mother’s funeral service might as well have been from the can’t-mention-it-because-of-godwin Youth.

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