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  1. Johnston Checks In
    Thursday, March 4, 2010 Update by Levi “HOckey” Johnston
    Soooooooooo as you boners may have noticed, mrs. palin went on Jay Leno show and did a stand up comedy routine. It was so hilarious little fucked up babies are gonna be born laughing 50 years from now, still laughing at those jokes, let me tell you. All the TV homos made real funny jokes about her being so funny she should stay out of politicis.
    I don’t honestly give a crap what she stays out of or into or whatever, but I am fixing to tear her routine to little shreds with this material I have been honing. Got some open mics up at the Laugh Cavern here in Wasilla. Only comedy club built inside a natural occurring limestone cave system. Great frigging acoustics. You don’t even need a microphone, which is lucky cuzy they have to run extension cords in for all the electricity and that’s pretty much the refrigerators and hot plates and stuff for the bar.
    Tank signed me up to do five minutes last Tuesday. That is like their prime time peak hours. So me and Tank and Bodie and Tucker and AJ and Spence and Sanders all got together and brainstormed some shit. Turned out all their shit was gay so right before I went out to do my routine I wrote up some new jokes. Some of them weren’t so much jokes as just ideas I could riff on before the show, pretty much.

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