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  1. No Reservations is my favorite show on TV, followed by Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. If either are on that’s what I’m watching. I’ve picked up alot of new ideas in the kitchen from both.

  2. I’m finding that I like to cook, but I have one finicky eater for a son, so it takes the fun out of it.

  3. I wish I had time to cook more. As the world’s most finicky eater, it’s about the only way that I can get exactly what I like. And my favorite podcast is Splendid Table. I love listening to someone who’s so enthusiastic about food.
    I particularly love baking cookies. I went on a snickerdoodle binge over Christmas, and I’m still trying to work it off. WiiFit made “mooo” noises at me yesterday.

  4. I like to cook, yes. However, my wifeloves to, and she’s so much better at it than I am that I end up cooking just to give her a break. She’s been cooking since she was a kid, and she’s one of those cooks who can just look around at what’s in the kitchen and then whip up something delicious. And when I ask: “What recipe did you use for this?”, the answer is often: “Oh, I just made that up.” Plus she knows what food is on sale where, and what’s in season, which means we eat cheaply and well (I’m sure you all already know that seasonal food is usually the tastiest).
    And yes, I know how lucky that makes me – except when I’m trying to lose a few pounds.

  5. I didn’t, until the stepkids came to live with us ten years ago, and I was suddenly a mom, and had to figure out how to feed them. The three things in my repertoire (HOT DISH!!!) weren’t going to cut it.
    Once I started doing it, and experimenting, and getting better at it, I realized I really did enjoy it. The family tells me that I’m a great cook, and I don’t think so, but for me the most fun is experimenting and then watching people really enjoy the end result.
    Now, the kids are gone, and there are nights I come home from work, and the thought of cooking just exhausts me. Mostly, though, I really do enjoy it. We eat better, and feel better, when I do cook, so that’s just more incentive.

  6. Yes. One of my favorite jobs was short-order cook. Doing fish fries on a Friday night, or Sunday morning after church. Lunch hour in a mill town. Let it roll, baby.
    And bake. I’m waiting for “Bread baker’s apprentice” to come in the mail.
    I can take the heat, but I had to get out of the kitchen.

  7. I love to, even tho’ I don’t ‘venture’ out on limbs…hell, I’m scared of raw chicken… But I am good w/beef (if that’s undercooked a scosch, I am fine). Just this morning I made: Belgian waffles (w/some ginger and spices added) w/real butter and real maple syrup, plus some turkey bacon. To drink – French roast coffee w/turbinado sugar and cream and Mimosas.
    I can’t stand Rachael Ray (but I’m not her demographic…), Guy Fieri always spoots me out b/c I think he’s sweating in the food and he’s such a frakkin’ cocky (bona fides, pls?) s.o.b…
    But I adore Alton Brown’s “Mr. Wizard” breakdown of cooking. I also like watching (well, I would if I still had cable) Ann Burrell’s show. Ina Garten – love her, too. Don’t even mention (‘sandra lee’…SHHHHH!!!!!)…gag!
    But we all know I am more of a cake art person and Duff is my boy! πŸ™‚
    I have to say, despite the craptacular part of the year in exile, I learned to be more culinarily curious and give things a whirl. (and I also learned that despite talent, some chefs would rather come home w/a bag of crappy drive-thru!?!?)

  8. I like cooking – for some, it’s edible art, for me, more edible craft. My best efforts of late are gumbo, jambalaya, and various curry recipes, the latter either being told to me by Indian friends or in one case kind of reversed engineered from a restaurant.
    Even if something doesn’t work, it’s ok, because I eat the evidence…

  9. Love to cook! Making lamb stew in a tagine for supper tonight (picked up a hardly used Le Creuset tagine at St. Vinnies for $10).
    Buggy Q, I share your love of Snickerdoodles, for a great summer treat bake up a batch of extra large ones and use them to make ice cream sandwiches. Fabulous!

  10. I like cooking, something I apparently passed along to my son, who is a dynamite cook. His wife, who is uptight in the kitchen (worried she will make a mistake) is eternally grateful for it, too. My wife, however, is a really good cook. And like BuggyQ, I also love to eat. Especially anything involving pudding on or in it. When we traveled to Scotland, I was in seventh heaven; they put custard sauce on EVERYTHING remotely dessert-like. Or clotted cream, which is sinfully good.
    I make, even if I do say so myself, a superior bratwurst grilled and then simmered in cheap beer and onions. And my chili is nothing to sneeze at, either. Can’t beat a bowl of homemade chili and a Fat Squirrel (the beer, not the entertaining, but annoying animal) after a long day fishing for early season walleyes.
    Anyhoo, snickerdoodles are one of my all-time favorites, Buggy. Mrs. RAM used to make them a lot when we were younger and dirt poor. I think she sort of OD’ed on ’em, and so doesn’t make them much any more. But our locally-owned coffee shop has a source for huge snickerdoodles that are my usual Wednesday morning breakfast, with a cup of Southern Pecan coffee, because I can eat, drink, and still do the computer maintenance that is my usual Wednesday a.m. task.

  11. Yes, I love to cook. I can’t bake anything worth a damn, except meat, but I can cook really well. I treasure my AllClad frying pan beyond words.
    Being a lousy furriner and all, I had never heard of a “snickerdoodle” until I read this thread and then had to JFGI. I’d rather have a chocolate chip cookie, frankly. πŸ™‚

  12. Oh my, yes…eating a coconut rice pudding for dessert right this minute. I’d never made this before, but boy, is it good…put a bit of a grating of nutmeg on top…very nice. I smoked some chicken legs and thighs for dinner and put a bourbon bbq sauce on them…that turned out to be a very nice combo.

  13. Oh, yeah, cooking–and eating the results–is lots of fun, but poverty does tend to limit the ingredients and methods. But, my daughter knows what I think about food–she gives me a subscription toSaveur every year, which is very definitely erotica for foodies. πŸ™‚

  14. Yes, I do enjoy cooking, and for the past few months making my own bread has been my passion. I’m just finishing off a loaf of cranberry wheat bread – fantastic! Another equally good one is spinach cheese bread. And, my goal is a sun-dried tomato bread that is as good as it sounds like it should be, but my first effort produced bricks. Needless to say I bought a bread machine a few months ago.

  15. cooking, baking, yeah. Eating, you bet. Cleaning up, not so much…

  16. I like cooking, but I cannot say I love it passionately the way so many do. At least with my own cooking I have more information about the things I put in my body.

  17. I don’t looooove it but I like it and am sort of decent at it but not as instinctive as I’d like to be. My mother was a genius seamstress and my dad a genius cook, like they could do it with their eyes closed.
    And that shit skips a generation. At least.
    And baking, which is science, I have trouble being patient and precise enough about. So I don’t do much.
    But I find it helpful to do “test kitchen” repetitive cooking in order to get my head around complex (to me) recipes so I won’t just skip doing them. I do this a lot with Asian food. Like when I found a good pad Thai recipe, I cooked it every other day for a week till I could do it from memory, so now that mental block is gone.
    I want to get much better at soups. I’m hit or miss.

  18. I can’t believe this thread is this long, people talking about cooking, baking, wonderful things, and I don’t see any recipes!
    About 3-4 years ago, Christy Hardin Smith posted up her recipe for rum balls on FDL. I’ve made them every year since – so decadent – and they have become a family fav. Virgo could be on that list, with a good pad Thai recipe…

  19. Yes. That’s my job. I cook, she cleans.
    I met my wife on the Yahoo Dating site (of all things).
    Her ad read, in part, “If you cook, I’ll love you.”
    I did and she did.
    Sometimes things just work out.

  20. Like to cook but, like the threads from the last week talk about, I have a terrible time finding the time. As I’m single, the balance of time leads to me eating out a lot.
    Hate to wash dishes after cooking, though.

  21. Love to cook. I don’t care to hack up critters, though – I let my husband deal with the raw meat he wants to eat, I cook it, and he eats it. It’s a nice arrangement.

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