6 thoughts on “How Nice

  1. if we would just tax any instance of these folks using a word or concept they have no clue about, we could fund all the remedial education in the world.

  2. Ah, “treason”–how easily it rolls off the tongues of the bitter followers of authoritarian demagogues…

  3. If you reached out for a toy you you desperately wanted, and just as you started to grab it, your mom pulled it out of reach, wouldn’t you throw a tantrum.
    This was the issue the Repubs wanted to hang around the Democrat’s neck – voting for a bribe to Nebraska would make a sweet campaign issue. But by the House voting for the whole package with one vote, the issue vanishes. When you see a bunch of toddlers throwing tantrums in the toy store, what should you do? Be my guest.

  4. I know they live to be pissed off, but I can’t help thinking they really ought to go live somewhere nice and quiet for a while and try to find some peace. Go fishing. Read a book. Swing in a hammock or something. As amped up as I am most of the time about stuff, I cannot bring myself to imagine what it’s like living inside the heads of these angry, screamy, rageaholic men who hate this much. It’s exhausting just thinking about.
    Even during the Bush years, when I was pissed a lot of the time, I don’t remember feeling like this guy must feel. Maybe that’s a fault. Maybe I didn’t have as much at stake as some.

  5. We cried “treason” for 8 years and with good reason, and no one paid attention to us. So, forget these irrelevant jerks or laugh in their faces. They are naive, clueless imbeciles: Democrats and brown folk are traitors, while they themselves won’t salute the flag and talk secession. Immigration must be reformed, but foreign-controlled corporations enjoy the same speech as people and can bribe our politicians. Losers.

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