Stupak’s Nunsense

I love to quote Joan Walsh so I’ll do it again:

Stupak’s entitled to his opinion on the issue. But he went
beyond what was necessary, yesterday and today, in disrespecting the 60
Catholic nuns representing 59,000 sisters who bucked the Catholic
bishops and came out for the bill Wednesday, declaring it “the real
pro-life position.”
“When I’m drafting right-to-life language, I don’t call up the nuns,”Stupak told Fox News. Instead he said he consulted “leading bishops, Focus on the Family, and the National Right to Life Committee.” <SNIP>

There was a way for Stupak to say he disagreed with the nuns without
condescending to them, but two days in a row, he didn’t find it. In
fact, his disrespect of the nuns seems of a piece with his stubborn
stance not only on abortion but the healthcare reform bills. He joins
the patriarchal leaders of the Catholic Church who never listen to the
voices of women, either, and he’s proud of that.

p>Why on earth would Bart listen to women when celibate, pedophile protecting men in cassocks and dog collars are speaking? They not only know their shit, they’re full of it. Stupak is not only a douchebag but a dumbass: who among us is not afraid of nuns? Beyond the urban legends about ruler wielding banshees excoriating students in parochial schools, I’ve been pummelled by nuns along the parade route in New Orleans many times. Our local nuns are bead grubbing maniacs and only a fool isn’t scared of them. Guess what that makes Bart? I know: he’s the man who put (packed?) the stupid in Stupak.

4 thoughts on “Stupak’s Nunsense

  1. Packed the stupid in Stupak!
    Why how pithy of you . . . This needs to be a new tag on here.

  2. Stupak’s full of shit, but I gotta admire his resistance. If only the frigging so-called progressives in Congress had some.

  3. like Maddow said, adding she had a couple of nuns in her family, “they will cut you.

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