Go Look What You Helped To Do

Remember ourMake Better Journalists project?More of the stories about what the schoolkids we helped are doing just got posted:

With the
video camera purchased from your financial support, our class was able to
produce a bi-weekly, 18-minute broadcast, reporting on a variety of subjects
from sports and a protest march to prom and profiles on individual students..

My personal
favorite broadcast was our very first in which four students followed over 400
teachers and students from our school to the district headquarters in a protest
march over the lay-off of 88 teachers. The students passed the camera
back-and-forth while also taking turns interviewing the students and teachers
as they were walking and protesting. The live action created a challenge for
their first assignment, yet also conveyed the movement and spirit of the march.

support encouraged my class to unleash their creativity and gain knowledge and
develop their multi-media skills in broadcast journalism. As a result of the
experience, several of my students were selected to produce more
documentary-style work through participation in a summer federal job program
for disadvantaged youth and three students are now studying broadcast
journalism in college.

Way to go, First Draft readers!


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  1. Wow, thanks for that. It’s been a shitty week (a death and a brain tumor in the family) and I needed a Friday pick-me-up.

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