Princella and the Accidental Congressman

My temporary Congressman, Joseph Cao, has been back in the news this week. As you may recall, Cao voted *for* HCR the first time it passed the House but he’s looking more and more like a no this time around. He’s wavered and temporized a bit because he’s so polite to whomever he talking to but he was a Jesuit seminarian before deciding he wanted to get married. In short, he’ll do what the Bishops tell him to do absent some major changes in the bill’s abortion language. It would be wise for him to change his mind since it would increase hiseeny weeny chances to win re-election but all the reliable info in NOLA is that he’s voting no as of this writing.

Anyway, Cao’s former top aide, Princella Smith, is running for Congress in Arkansas. Princella is sort of an oddity: an African American woman who’s a protege of Newt Gingrich. My friend Kevin Allman has aninteresting piece at the Gambit tabloid blogabout, you guessed it, Princella and the Accidental Congressman.