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  1. Which fanfic? (I’m guessing, not unsurprisingly, that it’s largely BSG/Caprica). And please, oh please, Athenae, reassure me that the word “slash” won’t be in your response. Unless for purely post-ironic kicks.

  2. I visit some websites many times a day. I am an aquatic plant enthusiast, so I visit http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/ most often, followed by my local aquatic plant club site, and http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com/ next most often. Every day I check NASA’s sites for the Mars Rovers and the Saturn orbiter. I do all of my bill paying at my banks site. Just for recreation I do Sudoku puzzles every day on http://www.sudokuhints.com/index.html And, I browse Ebay and Craigslist every few days. I now have a Nook, so I spend time on Barnes and Noble’s site every day or two. If it seems that I spend a lot of time on the computer, that’s because I do.

  3. I use the internet to do between a third and half of my paid (ha…) job.
    Also for the two naturalist organizations that get a great deal of my unpaid hours. Most of that via Google mail, calendar,Docs —Communication, scheduling, research, project and document collaboration, archiving
    As for non-work- again, lots on the internet. I use Facebook very sparingly, but very much appreciate twitter for the real time hive mind buzz, both for social playground as well as for breaking news and information exchange. Those who dismiss Twitter have not seen it at its best-calls for action, breaking news, switchboard during large and small emergency/disaster situation. All of which=extended community. A favorite recent example: watching pairs skating during Winter Olympics, rolling on the floor at the snarktastic Kiwi play by play provided by a fav buddy- an Egyptologist/professor and lesbian mom in Wellington New Zealand. At the same time, another friend, also a lesbian mom, tweeted for assistance with traffic info. She and family were driving (she wasn’t the one driving) home through a blizzard. Motels and gas stations were closed down, highway department info hotline was down, they had gas and car was fine, with luck they would get home. None of us could locate anymore info than she already had but we could help ease the tense situation. And gonzo Kiwi play by play and group cracktweeting of skating event was the perfect solution. Pretty soon the whole car was laughing, the kids drifted off to sleep in the back seat and they made it home.
    The global village has a lot of different facets.

  4. Anna, oddly enough, I don’t read much BSG. The show was enough for me. I tend to read fic in fandoms where I want to see more or different or look at it in another light. Buffy’s particularly good for this, and Harry Potter, and the West Wing I used to read a LOT of. TV shows that ended prematurely (I’m looking at you, Crusade, and you, Life), stuff like that.
    I’m not really a slasher, and badly-written porn doesn’t interest me that much.

  5. I play cards! W00t!
    I used to mostly play a variation of spades called suicide, but last November was introduced to canasta by a friend from suicide. OMG — that game makes me sweat.

  6. I write (and edit) a lot of fanfic … haven’t sold any yet, but I might be the *only* fanfic author who ever crossed X-Files with “Walker, Texas Ranger.”
    And yes, it got good reviews. πŸ™‚

  7. I spend quite a bit of time researching Illinois history on-line when not reading a couple dozen of my favorite blogs and a half-dozen on-line issues of daily papers. My favorite sites for historical research are the texts section of the Internet Archive (http://www.archive.org/) and the Early Chicago web site (http://www.earlychicago.com/). Both are absolutely first rate.
    The Internet Archive’s collection of hard to find books on history is unmatched. I have created a collection of PDF-format books that I could only have dreamed of just a few years ago. Google Books has a lot of stuff available, but their PDF files are unsearchable when downloaded, at least I’ve found them so. The Internet Archive PDFs, though, are searchable after downloading, and that makes them invaluable for research purposes. Early Chicago has one of the best collections of historical information on northern Illinois I’ve found yet.
    Combine those with the Illinois Secretary of State’s various, spectacularly-well done, on-line databases, and you’ve got some powerful tools for doing Illinois history. As far as the Illinois SoS’s web site is concerned, it’s the best in the nation for doing research and ought to be a model for other states. It’s always a bit odd when Illinois is best at something, but this is one case where there are few, if any, parallels anywhere in the nation. It’s one more thing that George Ryan got right, along with stopping executions here. And one of the reasons I can’t hate the guy like so many others do.

  8. I do a lot of reading (mysteries and thrillers, since those are really lacking in my life since retirement. And yes, I really had a lot of mystery and thrills in my work life in Forensic Toxicology. (Sorta CSI-ish without the cleavage and with adequate lighting.) The rest of the time I try to spend as much time as possible with my grandson, Milook of the North.

  9. I surf the garden and farming blogs… and get terrific ideas that I don’t have the time, skill or property to try out!
    But someday… when I’m Retired Patriot…

  10. When not on-line I read (mysteries, thrillers, science fiction), I crochet and make beaded jewelry. I read a number of magazines for crochet and beading. And I try to keep the clutter in check.

  11. Other online times, aside from my own blogging and reading loads of others’ blogs, including FD, are spent playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook, tweeting like a fool, monitoring, adding, subtracting, and rearranging the Netflix queue, watching stuff on YouTube and Hulu occasionally, reading through email, checking out recipes, doing some online shopping and banking, and just generally researching stuff.
    My pal Edie was looking for a particular Saints jersey, but didn’t want to get it from someplace that would charge her an arm and a leg. Found a site that would send it to her for a fraction of the cost. I helped someone I follow on Twitter the other day with finding a particular bounce song for him to play for a tween sock hop – one that didn’t have any cussing in it or suggestive imagery, which is damned hard to find. Maybe I should hire myself out as a researcher at this point…

  12. I actually read and write fanfic. Wish I did the latter more consistently than the former. (I’m really blocked after writing six stories in quick succession. Sigh…) I write on a show barely two steps above Electrowoman and Dynagirl. Feel free to check me out on fanfiction.net. I’m not hard to find.
    I also spend a lot of time doing research on the net, especially looking for fun obscure illustrations to pep up my powerpoints for my lectures. And I’ve been doing a lot of work on Thomas Aquinas lately (thanks to the Internet Medieval Sourcebook ) which led back to Augustine, and St. Paul. Now my head hurts.

  13. End up reading a lot of work related stuff, particularly knowledge base articles for VMware, also LOTS of Wikipedia, these days I’ll browse Google News archives (old newspapers…very cool.)
    Astronomy Picture of the Day is a regular stop, so is Shorpy.com, Uniwatchblog (my last real connection to sports)…am looking forward to checking out internet archive–Thanks, RAM.
    And tons of other stuff that I won’t bore you with…free range browsing.

  14. I read a blog called Bronx Banter about the Yankees and life in NYC. I read about the Pistons and the NBA on Detroit Bad Boys. I’ve been researching what kind of smartphone to get (Nokia 5230 from T-Mobile, it’s kind of a C student phone but it’s $150 free and clear with no contract for a touchscreen phone with GPS, apps, and Finnish mojo) and reading about GPS and cheap chart plotting software. Reading Your Right Hand Thief, Maitri, and Library Chronicles. Listening to Grooveshark. Trying not to get hassled by the man.

  15. BTW, The Other Sarah, I love the idea of an X-Files/Walker xover. Walker was always one of those guilty pleasure shows–one I watched, knowing it was *awful*, wishing it were better, and still liking.
    I have one foray into crossover land–I collaborated with a good friend on an X-Files/Buffy xover called, oh so originally, “The Buffy Files” (the one under phoebenpiper on fanfiction.net). Lots of fun to write. And also partly how I ended up with my current handle.

  16. My main interest in life is nature photography, and I spend a lot of time at internet photo-sharing groups.
    I’m also a college hockey freak; but I live in Phoenix, where the newspaper can’t be bothered even to put the scores in that teeny-tiny little agate type ‘way in the back of the sports section. From October through March I probably spend most of my time at several college hockey-oriented sites, plus a couple of message boards that pertain specifically to the fortunes (not so good this year, sad to say) of my alma mater’s team.

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