So What Happens Now?

Let the Rude Pundit take it away:

Here’s what’s going to happen after the vote on the reconciliation bill
in the House on Sunday: Almost every Tea Partyer who was out there
protesting will go the fuck away. They will devote whatever energy they
have left to posting comments on blogs and Facebook pages. Their
leaders, desperate to still be relevant and still draw a paycheck, will
try to come up with some other phantom issue to whip up enthusiasm. But
once it passes, no one will give a shit except the people it helps. The
Civil War won’t be re-fought. The Constitution won’t be shredded. One
or two states might try to force their misinterpretation of the 10th
Amendment. Soon, Beck and Hannity and Michele Bachmann and Steve King
will discover another Republic-ending crisis, probably immigration
reform, and we’ll start the magical cycle all over again.

You are a political booty call to these people. Always have been, always will be.


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