The Perils Of Perriello

Another “isolated incident” and perhaps the most egregious one thus far: reports that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has visited the home of Fifth District Congressman Tom Perriello’s brotherfollowing the release of an address
by a member of the Lynchburg Tea Party. Politico confirmed with a
Perriello aide that a severed propane gas line was discovered at the

The blog post, written byMike Troxel (andpresently down
due to bandwidth issues), allegedly delivered what the blogger thought
was Congressman Perriello’s home address. However, the address is that
of Perriello’s brother, who was not immediately available for comment.

The Lynchburg Tea Party’s websiteissued a response which says that Troxel’s action “was not requested, sanctioned or endorsed” by the group.

Note that they did not denounce this bit of brown shirtery.

9 thoughts on “The Perils Of Perriello

  1. I know it’s named for a person, not the act, but the fact that the city is named “Lynchburg” is just kind of karmically beautiful.
    Now arrest these fucks and throw the book at them.

  2. I read somewhere else that the gas line they cut simply went to the barbeque on the deck. They’re so damn stupid they can’t even get their protofascist thuggery right.
    I’m now picturing some kind of black BritCom thing about a couple of hapless Nazi idiots after Krystallnacht, being chewed out by their superior — “Vat do you mean by beating up on nize Frau Klingenschmitt, ezpecially zince her huzbandt vast killed in der Great Var?!”
    “Ve sott you zaid…”
    “I told you to go oudt and breakvindows, you dummkopfen!”

  3. Even better:
    Another tea party activist who reportedly posted Periello’s brother’s address online, Nigel Coleman of the Danville Tea Party, wrote in a blog comment after learning about the mistaken address: “Do you mean I posted his brother’s address on my Facebook? Oh well, collateral damage.” (FromTPM muckraker)
    What an arrogant, soulless, sociopathic fuckhead. And stupid, too.

  4. How could he not know that posting an address could lead to violence at that address?
    And the sheer, unconcerned idiocy that he might have posted the wrong address doesn’t seem to bother him in the least.

  5. Blow the tea party member’s peter or they’ll get you killed.
    If anyone can forever shatter the myth that white conservatives are some how superior because they exist it is today’s tea party members themselves. Troxel and his everyone is collateral damage unless he gets his way proves the point. He’s an ignorant obtuse irresponsible homicidal arse.

  6. On TP, one commenter notes that Troxel’s LinkedIn profile lists his education as Liberty University.
    Nothing like a good education in God, Country, and Good Citizenship.

  7. Ah, well, at least we know where all the passive-aggressives have been hiding during Bush’s term in office…

  8. Lynchburg is the home of Jerry Falwell’s church and his Xtian zombie Liberty U. Probably more wingnuts per square mile than just about anywhere else.

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