5 thoughts on “WWII

  1. I’m watching it. The first part was hard to follow the action or tell the characters apart. The second installment rip my heart out.

  2. I’m watching it too. It’s very well done but I can’t escape the feeling that they have a problem with the pace of the story. Given that they’ve had 2 hours so far it just seems like they haven’t covered much ground. Even allowing for the overly long intro and credits, they’ve had more screen time to work with than a lot of feature films. “Sahara” was only 97 minutes and they still managed to pack a lot into it.

  3. Had an uncle who was a cook in the USMC during Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima. Apparently when the Marines would be out on patrol, the Japanese soldiers would try to raid the camps for food. He never spoke of his time in the service, but once when helping him move things out of his attic before a remodel, I noticed he had an incredible amount of officers swords and pistols brought home from the conflict. I didn’t ask, but can only assume these were taken from the dead while was defending the food.

  4. Very very good show, It reminds me of my dad’s time in WW2, and his brother, as well as my mom’s brothers, all came home safe, one, Uncle Cliff had a metal plate in his head from being shot by the Japanese on Luzon, too bad our most recent wars lacked the moral clarity of the Pacific war…

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