Cause and Effect

FromAlbum3This Extended Two Minute Hate brought to you by Oxycontin.

Fortunately for everyone, the louder the mouth, generally the more innate the weenieness…though the incessant lizard brain proddinghas had someeffect. Still…I hate saying this, but after the sheer volume of rage we’ve seen the last year and a half, part of me is surprised — and, of course, relieved — that there hasn’t been much more violence.

Sigh: I forget where I saw this, but earlier someone wrote (paraphrasing) and this is just over a health care bill (apologies for not being able to link/attribute.)

That said, and even as I continue to be amazed at the volume of rage, I’m struck by how clueless these would be “revolutionaries” are–even as they’re so consumed by hatred that they’re mouthing off about trees of liberty and blood of patriots and tyrants, I seriously doubt they’d make it more than a few hours without, in no particular order, indoor plumbing, Rush on the radio/Glenn on the teevee…and a three liter bottle of Dew to wash down the “Family-Sized” bag of Cheetos…

Something tells me their revolutionary fervor would get pretty old pretty quick once they realized what “sacrifice” really means.

But, if they really want to give it a go, why not a trial run? Live like the Amish for a while…or, as I mentioned once to a friend, there actually WAS a time when taxes were very low, government was very limited, and religion played a much larger role in daily life. We know it today as the Dark Ages.