Variations on a theme: Scott Brown raises money for MSNBC advertisers

It doesn’t have the flair or depth of the ACORN hoax (let’s hope it doesn’t have the shelf life) but Scott Brown’s attempt to raise funds by scaring Massachusetts conservatives into believing that Rachel Maddow is after his seatruns on the same fuel. Or fumes.

1.Brown sends out letter to constituents:

It’s only been a couple of months since I’ve been in office, and before
I’ve even settled into my new job, the political machine in
Massachusetts is looking for someone to run against me. And you’re not
going to believe who they are supposedly trying to recruit — liberal
MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow.

2.Maddow denies it in amusing fashion on air. (worth watching just for hilarious chyrons)

3.As long as free publicity is on the buffet, a bunch of people, including Brown’s spokespeople, say apeshit stupid things.

Walsh has said he won’t disclose who the “tweet” was meant for until
he gets 1,000 Twitter followers, but he never tamped down rampant
speculation it was Maddow.

Walsh refused to clear the air last night, saying he’s never spoken to Maddow.

“Rachel Maddow can handle her own battles,” he told the Herald. “The
goofy speculation on my tweet is a pretty thin excuse for a
fund-raising letter.”

Enter Gov. Deval Patrick,
who told reporters Wednesday that he found a possible Maddow-Brown
showdown “very intriguing” – and the host herself “fabulous.”

As for Brown, his spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom said: “It was an open
secret that the Democrats were trying to recruit Rachel Maddow to run
against Scott Brown in 2012. Now that she’s said no, I’m sure they’ll
scurry around looking for someone else. Maybe Keith Olbermann’s

4.Maddow buys full page ad denouncing Brown,calls him a creep, asks him to stop.

5. Brown respondshilariously.

‘With all due respect, I’m going to continue to fight and do my job and work hard to do just that. And, er, bring her on. I don’t care.'”

6.Rinse, repeat.

6 thoughts on “Variations on a theme: Scott Brown raises money for MSNBC advertisers

  1. Don’t worry. Come November 2012, Michael Capuano will kick that ass so bad Scott’s breath will smell like shoe polish.

  2. It’s a clever plan, running against someone who has no intention of running. It greatly increases the chances that you might actually beat them and be able to declare “victory”.

  3. Oh, it’s all about the ratings, or so saith Senator Nudie Cosmo, anyhow.
    I’m with Ms. Maddow. Scott Brown is a LIAR.

  4. I can see from the publicity standpoint that this may have been a crafty move on Brown’s part.
    But why Rachel Maddow? I get that conservatives probably don’t watch her to know what she says and probably also demonize her.
    But why not someone flashier?

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