Indeed, Sir

I’d originally planned to use this post title IF Butler defeated Coach K and theCancer University Satanists Duke Blue Devils in the national championship game. That didn’t happen but if the term “moral victory” was ever applicable, it’s now. Butler shot poorly but played a helluva game and *nearly* pulled it out. After the game, the Butler players looked sad but proud of their accomplishment. They nearly beat Coach Buy A Vowel and his minions. For that they deserve a rousing what ho and even a proud cheerio:


Yeah, I know the analogy is flawed: Jeeves was Bertie’s valet, not his butler. But I am incapable of passing up a possibleJeeves & Wooster reference. Indeed, sir, indeed.


7 thoughts on “Indeed, Sir

  1. What ho Adrastos! Wodehouse always makes me laugh…and Fry & Laurie did a damned fine job of portraying Jeeves & Wooster!
    From the random quotes page from the Drones Club:
    The stationmaster’s whiskers are of a Victorian bushiness and give the impression of having been grown under glass.
    Uncle Dynamite (1948)

  2. I too, am a great fan of Wodehouse.
    As for Duke, although they are my hometown team, it is impossible for me to pull for them. And my wife’s a true blue Tarheel, besides.

  3. Duke won and deserved to win. That was probably the best NCAA final I have ever seen, never once was it boring, and never until after the final buzzer did I know who would win. I would not have been disappointed if Butler won, but I also do like Duke.

  4. I love the ACC. There. I am a Tarheel, first and foremost, but it’s ACC against all other comers. Period.
    So…Yay, Blue Devils!

  5. “Buy a vowel”– that’s excellent. I definitely respect coach K (Bobby Knight’s former asst) and like the ACC, generally, but I experience a profound delight when Duke loses. Few things are better than disappointed Dukies.
    That game was a shot away from being one of the greatest moments in sports.
    Unfortunately the scrappy underdog couldn’t pull it out, and today I feel sort of icky and unclean thinking about Duke winning it all. It’s just gross.

  6. OMG. The shrink-turned-chef from “Bones,” and “House.”
    Damn, they were hotties in their younger days, eh?
    AFAIcare, Duke should’ve gotten beat. Butler kicked @$$ and took names all the way thru the tourney, and played effin’ DEFENSE like they understood what it means.

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