Don Blankenship Is A Sorry Piece Of Shit

Fuck this sorry motherfucker.

That turkey-necked cocksucker up there, Don Blankenship, is a sorry piece of shit. You’re hearing a lot about himin the news lately, because he’s the 21st-century equivalent of the 19th-century robber baron. Or the 11th-century baron. Don Blankenship–who, it should be pointed out, is a sorry piece of shit–is responsible for dozens of corpses in his mines, and forpolluting theentire goddamned earth anywhere near his mines. He’s bought and paid for a good chunk of thepoliticians and judges in West Virginia, so he gets away with being the complete, sorry piece of shit that he is. He–that is, Don Blankenship–is such a sorry piece of shit that even goddamned Wal-Mart, Pepsi, and fucking Lockheed Martincalled him out for being a sorry piece of shit. That’s how much of a sorry piece of shit he is–other rich pricks are afraid he’s giving away the game by being so obvious about how he, Don Blankenship, is a sorry piece of shit.

Fuck him and everyone who defends him. Forget about him being a shitty human being. He’s a sorry fucking excuse for a carbon-based organism. If there was a just and righteous god in this universe, he’d be choking to death on his toxic slurry right now. Instead, he’ll go on like he is, and die wealthier than the dreams of avarice.

What a sorry piece of shit.

Nice fucking civilization we’ve got here.

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9 thoughts on “Don Blankenship Is A Sorry Piece Of Shit

  1. pansypoo says:

    if only smiting was still possible.

  2. FeralLiberal says:

    Blankenship’s astroturf organization through which he funneled millions of dollars to buy a WV judge’s election was called, of all things, “And For The Sake Of The Kids”.
    That POS should be boiled in coal tar…

  3. MapleStreet says:

    The epitomy of take all the profit and leave the debits for someone else to clean up.

  4. pansypoo says:

    there’s a hell. right? RIGHT?!?

  5. Tracy says:

    I believe in hell EXPRESSLY for sorry pieces of shit like this (mostly, for fucking fuck ron regan but, this guy can join him there)

  6. Interrobang says:

    Ah, yes, scratch a mine disaster, find a corporate murder and a bunch of black footprints leading to a smirking corporate murderer.

  7. Adrastos says:

    Hell is quite like a coal mine from what I hear…

  8. montag says:

    This guy wouldlike Hell. He’d probably make a deal with the devil to use Hell’s slave labor for mining…

  9. Joan says:

    I love this. I found it by googling “fuck don blankenship.”

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