3 thoughts on “W.W.T.F.U.S.*

  1. Got to LOVE “the super soul sister with the magnetic je ne sais quoi”. Thanks for this.
    And one of these days, I’ll check out the Daptone studio in Bushwick. 😎

  2. aww …
    but you know, that post on Spring along the San Marcos took my breath away, virgotex.
    I so envy you — we’re about a week /10 days behind that up here in the Panhandle/South Plains.
    (10 years. Gawd … how could you stand to be out of Texas for 10 years? I’d lose my mind, now.
    My parents exiled me to the Ozarks when I was a grade-schooler. I’m just thankful the Air Force
    never sent me farther away than Shre’port)

  3. thanks, Sarah. You know, you get it, I think. Wasn’t trying to be sentimental, but factual.
    Sometimes reality is almost hallucinogenic. Like you can almost see the flowers blooming in time lapse out of the corner of your eyes, you know?

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