14 thoughts on “New Clothes

  1. The Elvis-with-a-walker design is clever.
    But, I’m having a tough time figuring out what the teapot shirt is all about…

  2. Holy balls. The guy plowing with a triceratops? Awesome. ButSatan in overalls burying dinosaur bones?
    I know where my next paycheck’s going.

  3. This is a Golden Age of awesome T-shirts, and I’ve officially gotten so fat that none of the T-shirt companies sell stuff in my size any more. This is the Worst Thing Evar. 🙁

  4. I would think that the $cientology volcano/thetan one would be too obscure for almost all audiences.
    Love the periodic chart with five boxes.

  5. I don’t the the one with the cube and the arrows on the outside. What does THAT mean?

  6. Love the lion, looks like Lord Peter Wimsey.
    A, why would you want a T-shirt of a Ferret in a Bolton ‘stache??
    I mean, come on. The ferret deserves better, no?

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