4 thoughts on “‘The Internet Takes Journalism to a Nice Farm in the Country’

  1. Not to worry: Before too long the corporations will be allowed to control what you do on the internets. Big Journalism™ will have to find something else to blame.

  2. As implied by the Nosferatuliani, another way is to be the victim. Ghooliani did nothing but be the recipient of an airplane crash. If anything, there are reports that he had been negligent for years in providing emergency personnel with radios that communicated with one another.
    Remember that “heck of a job Brownie” now runs a disaster firm. after all, he did so good in NOLA.
    John Walsh now has a gigantic publicity machine because his son was kidnapped. While I can feel for his loss, what sort of credential is that?

  3. I should have added, that works in the corporate and govt world even better. For example, if moving from property to sales taxes was such a disaster in Louisiana, how come Missouri repubs are pushing that so strongly?
    Ottumwa, IA is now giving away their park land for 1) completing a “Bridgeview Center” that is gonna attract the world to Iowa and 2) for a corporation to build a gigantic, high end recreation area on the riverfront.
    I worry that it sounds like something from “The Music Man” – when I lived in Augusta, GA they embarked on building a high end riverfront walk of high end boutiques (copying the unsuccessful “success” of Savannah GA – kind of an economic hopping on the bandwagon after any idea).

  4. Maple — A good friend of mine is a native New Yorker and should have been killed on 11 September, except he was late for work that day. Giulianicertainly was culpable in creating and facilitating the communications boondoggle that prevented first responders from talking to each other; not only that, but he’d locked the city in to a no-bid monopoly contract that wasn’t being held up. Besides all that, Giuliani decided that the best place to store the city’s emergency reserves and response plans was in the basement of WTC 7, instead of a much safer location that had been hand-picked, across the bridge in New Jersey. Why? The WTC 7 bunker was closer to his mistress’ workplace and he wanted to have the bunker as his own personal make-out spot. Hedefinitely contributed to the problems of September 11th.
    There’s a reason I’ve been referring to him as “Ghouliani” for years, and it isn’t just that it’s an easy pun.

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