4 thoughts on “I See They Let Nosferatuliani Out of His Cave for a Spell

  1. Love the candid photo !
    I would think expecting Nosferatuliani not to recognize the media opportunities for his ego is like expecting Palin to keep quiet. Even if he kept quiet for his ego, he still gets publicity which is good for his private business dealings. (in typical repug fashion, didn’t he leverage his lack of knowlege of security into forming a security business?).
    The crazy thing is that making this little “joke” is probably enough to enter the statistics book as being “ter-rah” and therefore an excuse for body cavity searches at airports.
    As an aside, may I suggest that a diplomat who says, in flight, that he was trying to light a shoe bomb both a) doesn’t have a good sense of humor and b) isn’t very good at his job as a diplomat.

  2. indeed. of course, since my flight let people with coffee get on(THO,IT WAS TESTED. weeeeeee)we are DOOOMED. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED

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