Retiring. We need a badass replacement:

Stevens’ departure will not change the court’s conservative-liberal
split because Obama is certain to name a liberal-leaning replacement.
But the new justice is not likely to be able to match Stevens’ ability
to marshal narrow majorities in big cases.

Stevens was able to draw the support of the court’sswing votes, now-retiredJustice Sandra Day O’Connor andJustice Anthony Kennedy, to rein in or block someBush administration policies,
including the detention of suspected terrorists following the Sept. 11,
2001, attacks, its tilt toward protecting businesses from some lawsuits
and its refusal to act against global warming.

But after the arrival of Roberts andJustice Samuel Alito, President George W. Bush‘s appointees, Stevens more often was among the four liberal justices in dissent.


8 thoughts on “Stevens

  1. Yeah, there’s not going to be a badass replacement. Obama’s going to let us down on this one, too. He won’t want a fight with the Senate, will want a quick confirmation and so will nominate, oh, I don’t know…Erik Erickson, maybe? John Yoo?
    I have zero confidence that Obama will do anything but the “cave” thing on this one.

  2. The people who watch this sort of thing are putting money on Elena Kagan, who’s business-friendly, and rather right-wing on issues of executive power and national security.
    The Repugs will bitch and scream about her because she’s also pro-choice and pro-gay rights, but, that’s the default position for them. They will undoubtedly put up a fight and perhaps one or more Repugs will put holds on her, which will make her confirmation easier to pitch as a necessary partisan fight, and will help obscure her conservative tendencies.
    Anyone who expects Obama to nominate a William O. Douglas or Thurgood Marshall analogue to shift the balance of the court away from the wingers is likely going to be greatly disappointed.

  3. Nominate Hillary. Wingnut heads will explode. And she’s already gone through a confirmation with her honorable colleagues in the Senate.
    How y’all liking all those fecking nutters down in New Orleans?!
    I’ve got a buddy down there on some law business this week. He promises to run Teabager ass out of the Chart Room if they show up there.

  4. I agree that Obama will not nominate any Justice who could be considered to be liberal by anyone to the left of Palin. He has, by now, established himself as someone who doesn’t like political battles. We will get a conservative Justice, but one considered by the Repubs to be a “librul” in today’s climate.

  5. Badass? Why not a good lawyer? (That’s how Stevens got to be such a badass, btw.)

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